Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pure Entertainment

We've been playing some pretty interesting games with Gabi lately. Last night a game of fetch filled out a good part of the evening.

Gabi: Let's play fetch, mom! I'll be your doggy!

Me: Okay! That sounds like fun.

Throwing and fetching with a wooden block ensued. Which is actually a nice game to play. I get to sit back in the chair and Gabi's the one running all over the place, getting the last of her energy out before bedtime. Though the wooden block didn't fare so well, with all the slobbering and biting.

Gabi: Mooooommmmm! You threw it into the dark place.

Me: It's just the dining room! The light is off, but there is still lots of light in there from the living room.

Gabi: It's so dark it makes my stomach rumble. It's just too scary.

Me: You could be a brave girl and try to get it.

Gabi: I don't want to be brave! Being brave will make me cry!

Me: Okay, here's how to be brave in three steps. Step one, turn on the bathroom light. Step two, turn on the dining room light. Step three, grab the block!

Gabi: Okay!

It worked! Though she approached each light by firmly planting her back to the wall and tiptoeing along as quietly as possible. She looked like a spy on the prowl. Albeit a frightened spy.

She grabbed the block and raced back to me, putting it in her mouth, as there was no time to grab it with her teeth while in the DARK ROOM, and dropped it into my lap. When I looked up, she was panting with her tongue out, ready for me to throw it again. Then she stopped and looked at me seriously.

Gabi: Mom, maybe you could just throw it on the couch from now on? I was so brave but don't want to be braver any more tonight.

Me: Okay, sweetheart. I'll aim for the couch.

Gabi: Yay! Mom, I love you.

My little doggy wore herself out and fell asleep in record time after going to bed. I should probably only encourage fetching as a game for my human child while we're at home, though. I'm not sure what the other parents at the park would think.

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