Monday, December 3, 2007

The Blocks Say It All

When we eat out as a family, we almost always eat at buffets. Gilberto has a huge appetite from all the physical labor he does for his job, and he likes to get his stomach full for a reasonable price. This limits us on the places we can go. There's Souplantation for salad and soup kind of days, Italian for pasta days, Chinese, and the American favorite, Home Town Buffet. We hardly ever go to the latter (leathery meat), Souplantation is a bit of a drive, the Italian place is on the expensive side, so the two nearby Chinese buffets get most of our eating out business.

I realize this isn't saying much for our culinary discernment. Just know that if we had the money, I would most certainly eliminate buffets from the selection process. But the current cost of filling a hard working man's stomach is prohibitive to fine dining establishments. Unless I feed him beforehand. Hmmm, that might be an idea.

I hadn't realized just how much a part of Gabi's life Chinese food had become until last night. She was on the floor playing with her blocks, and had created quite the city. When Gilberto asked her for a tour, she started off in the middle.

Gabi: Daddy, look! This is the Chinese restaurant! Here's the door so the people can go in and eat their noodles and crab.

She was so excited about her Chinese restaurant! She had all of her Little People lined up to go inside. We thought it was cute, but my goodness, I think we need to start branching out a bit when it comes to eating outside the home!

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