Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Do The Emu

At dinner the other night, Gabi got a little restless while waiting for her dad to finish eating. We usually make her sit in her chair until we leave, but since the restaurant was fairly empty, I let her get up and walk around the table.

Only she didn't walk. It's some sort of childhood rule. And since she knew she'd get in trouble if she started running in an indoor public place, she opted to dance.

We didn't realize she was dancing until she made a sweep past the table, and we could hear her singing, "I'm the Emu. Do the Emu with meeeee." Her little hand was up doing a pecking thing, while her other hand did random movements to go along with her chin bop and leg lifting. And somehow she managed to squeeze in a little wiggle. It was very contemporary.

We about died from laughing so hard. My Aunt and Uncle have a horse ranch nearby, and along with other animals, have a bunch of emus that roam around. Gabi is fascinated by them, and now that I think about it, she pretends to be an emu a lot more than a cat or a dog.

Gabi continued with her emu dancing until she realized that all the other people in the restaurant were watching her, too. She got shy and ran back to the table, ending the show. I turned around and saw three tables full of smiles.

Who knew The Emu could be so entertaining! I mean, to people outside of the family. It was definitely entertaining to us, but I'm sure we get a kick out of a lot of things that other people would disapprove of. We try to keep our public displays of insanity to a minimum.

On the way out, Gabi got a thumbs up!

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