Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boppys Aren't Just For Babies

I just tried to put Gabi's two Boppy pillows into storage in the garage. It was my third attempt in about a year to get them out of the house, because they add such a nice touch to the living room decor.

Even though we haven't used them for quite some time, Gabi is rather attached to her Boppys. I'm sure it has something to do with all the nursing and rocking we did with them. They must remind her of the good ol' times.

I was a bit worried that she still wouldn't want to let them go, but the resistance, surprisingly, came from my husband! And I mean serious, rip them out of my hands to protect them kind of resistance. He said he uses them to lay on the floor and watch TV, and seemed a bit shocked that I would want to take this comfort away from him! I had to back away with hands raised in the air, repeatedly proclaiming defeat, before he was able to relax and put the Boppys down.

So the Boppys are staying.

And they really are clever little pillows. But my goodness, I had no idea they would be considered so indispensable beyond the baby years, by a grown man. The funny thing is, when he watches TV, it's almost always Ultimate Fighting. Now that would be a priceless picture!

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