Friday, February 8, 2008

The Cake Thief

To help lessen the burning shame I feel whenever I think about my most embarrassing moment (listed here, on Pioneer Woman's site, I think the 24th comment down), I'm going to share an email I received from my dear friend B this morning:

"So there is a “free” space on the kitchen counter for staff where if there is food up there, it usually means it’s up for grabs for anyone who wants it. Yesterday there was an un-cut COSTCO CAKE up there with real butter cream icing.

So, I cut a piece and snuck in the closet to eat it because my cube mate found out I am trying Weight Watchers and has been rudely watching me like a hawk to make sure I don’t eat anything “bad” - (That’s another story, that is so rude it drives me crazy.) So I ate it and was happy and came back to my seat.

This morning I come in to find an email that asks who ate the cake, as it was being saved for someone else’s birthday and the new lady, who didn’t know about the “free counter” rule, had put it up there. I didn’t say a word to anyone. And today, I just saw them cut the cake, with candles on it, with a small square missing from the side."

Oh my Lord, this had me in STITCHES!

B, I'm so glad you didn't get caught!

B and I share a deep love for cake. Especially chocolate. And especially Costco. Their bakery is to die for! B has even been known to retrieve half of a Costco chocolate cake from the garbage can after a regretful fit in which she cleansed her house of all things unhealthy. I don't think I was supposed to ever mention that.

At least Weight Watchers allows you to eat things like cake. You may use up your whole week's worth of extra points, but butter cream frosting is yours to enjoy. I, on the other hand, may never taste the goodness that is cake ever again.

Okay, that is so a lie. I'm sure Dr. Atkins won't shoot me if I have a piece every now and then. But I'll make sure it's not from a whole cake sitting on the "free" counter at work! Though, really, when you make that kind of mistake, you should consider yourself lucky that there is any cake left at all.


  1. I just read your comment on PW, and I was ROFL. I had to comment b/c I did the same thing (by email), but it was my boob that was showing. Not quite as embarassing, but still bad!

  2. Um, would the "B" you're referring to the "B" that I think it is? If so, I love the story even more!


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