Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Closet Of Mystery

My sister just moved in a little studio apartment with a mystery door.

She discovered it yesterday, and thinking it was an extra closet, tried to open it. Someone called to see if she wanted to do something, and she told them that she was working on getting a mystery door open and could they please invite her next time? Because closet space is something precious to a girl, and thinking there might be a WHOLE EXTRA closet on the other side of that door really got the endorphins going.

After working on the door for an hour with no luck, she enlisted the help of a neighbor, Beth (who is also a close family friend). They took off the latch. They though maybe it was stuck shut from the paint and chiseled all around the door. They pulled with all their mite. Another friend dropped by, and they tried to see if the weight of three people could pull it open.

Then they discovered it was also latched from the other side. But the other side leads to the studio next door, and Beth used to live there and said there was no door on her side.

I, myself, couldn't live in a house with a mystery door that led to nowhere. 'Cause I know all about people who get murdered when they wake up in the middle of the night and see a person intruding through an opening they never knew about. You hear about it in the news ALL the time. Well, I heard about it once, and that was enough to scar me for a lifetime.

So now Zan has to live with a mystery door that won't open. It probably got sealed over on the other side of the wall and the owner never finished on her side. But it MIGHT JUST BE a closet that holds something terrifying. Like the end of a tunnel!

Zan, you've GOT to get that door open. You don't want drug runners trying to escape through your bedroom.


  1. So I did a bit of investigating on the "Boogie Man" closet last night. I contacted the neighbors in my old studio. The wall on the other side has the same size door frame, yet it has been sealed over, hmmmm. I measured the wall on their side, so all I need to do is measure the wall on Zan's side and we can figure out the size of this mystery closet. I to am a bit wierded out since I live in the same building and as you know, have a hard time containing my curiosity! I don't know how Zan can resist taking a hammer to that flimsy door. We'll have to keep you posted on our investigation.

  2. Are you sure it doesn't connect directly to the other studio? Perhaps it was one apartment at some point in time and they split it in two and covered over the door on only one side . . .

    Keep us posted . . .freaky freaky.


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