Monday, February 25, 2008

Cool Finds

When Dooce showed on her blog what she'd gotten for her daughter, I knew I had to have it for Gabi, too. It comes in a tin, and will be perfect for our plane ride.

The tin part is genius. I might even try to find something similar that's a bit bigger so Gabi can pull out her crayons without having them roll to the back of the plane. Although we did meet quite a few people we otherwise wouldn't have when they returned various things that went rolling into the black hole underneath the seats.

While on the store's site, I also decided to get this sticker set play scene.

Isn't it SO cute? I might have to sneak it away after it's opened for a little fairytale theater action of my own.

I'll be keeping them hidden until we get on the plane, and hopefully the novelty will last us the next 20 hours. Just a few more things to throw in the bag, and we'll be set!

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  1. I just went onto the website - how cute is all their stuff! Thanks for sharing the cool find!


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