Monday, February 25, 2008

Finding Myself Where I Don't Belong

Another just in time story for

I'm in desperate need of a new cell phone. And luckily, we're at the point in our contract where we can renew early and get new phones.

Yesterday I dragged my mom out with me (she's on our plan), and headed to the Verizon store. There was no one else in there! Cool, I thought, we're going to get super fast service. My mom went to look at phones while I talked to the rep and gave him my phone number.

When he couldn't find me in the system, I gave him the other two numbers on our plan before realizing I WAS IN THE WRONG STORE. As in, I was in a Verizon store, instead of an AT&T store. Which is who we have our contract with. For the last four years. Duh.

Trying to save myself from the obvious humiliation, I continued to pretend that I was in fact a Verizon customer, and SOMEthing must be wrong with their system. My plan was to bow out and say I needed to go home and check my paperwork, which sounds a bit fishy, but would at least get me out of the store without having to admit I went to the wrong place.

I mean, the embarrassment of doing something as stupid as that is immeasurable. They would be talking about me for weeks!

Then, just as I was going to put my plan into action, my mom pipes up with, "Honey, it's AT&T! My phone says AT&T right here on it. See?"

I try a few, "Are you SURE? I'm almost certain we have Verizon. Do you think you're phone could be wrong?"

The other rep glances with disgust at the phone and says, "Um, No, that is an AT&T phone."

My cover had been blown.

So then I had to pretend that I was all surprised, and how funny is that, ha ha ha. Cheeks ablaze, I tell the guys I won't take up their time any longer and slink out of the store.

My mom, to make me feel better, said, "Don't worry, you aren't a skinny blonde, so they'll have forgotten all about you in two minutes."

Well, that is true! I’m NOT a skinny blonde. And no insult taken, mom. However, I have a hunch that this story isn’t going to sink quite as fast as she thinks. It isn’t every day they have a customer from another company pop in and insist on service. They’ll just be referring to me as the old fat lady without a brain, instead of the super hot blond chick who Heaven guided into their store by mistake.

I can now add two more to the list of people I hope to never see again.


  1. HA! Too funny!

    This story reminds me of a family member of mine who called and ordered a Papa Murphy's Pizza. (This is a place that makes the pizza and then you take it home to bake it.)

    She went to pick up her pizza, but when she arrived, the store had no record of her order.

    The store manager aplogized and offered to make the pizzas and give them to her free. When he told her it would take 20 minutes to bake, she said, "Oh, you're going to bake it for me? Well, that sure is nice!" He gave her a funny look, but 20 minutes later she walked out with her 2 freebies.

    It wasn't unitl she was at home and the family sat down to eat that she realized she had gone to Papa John's...not Papa Murphy's!!!

  2. that's hilarious... and mortifying!

  3. That's TOTALLY something I would do. I feel for you!

  4. That could happen to, uh. . .you and me. Loved it because it made me feel ever so normal, at least in our small worlds.

  5. OH gosh that is easy to do...I have done that with other things...tried to return items to the wrong/competitors store...Thanks for the laugh

  6. Love the story. It's something I would totally do. Thanks for the giggles!

  7. I'm sure this happens much more often than you think!

  8. Love the story . . .

    I have to tell you - the "dumb blonde" phenomenon has gotten me out of lots of sticky situations. . .people actually believe it and write you off.

    If I didn't have blonde hair, I would dye it blonde just to have the excuse. . .


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