Saturday, February 23, 2008

Napkin Duty

I'm tackling the laundry today. It's not that bad, since I did a few loads during the week, but I've thrown all of my jackets into the mix, so it's still going to be an all day endeavor.

Every single jacket I own is smeared with food and grime on the upper arms. Whenever we eat out, Gabi inevitably forgets what a napkin is for and wipes her mouth on my jacket.

She's also constantly touching me. And why should she stop doing this just because she's got greasy Chinese buffet food on her hands? I've lost it a few times and yelled, "Just stop touching me!" But since Gabi is three and a half, that just makes her touch and smear food on me more.

I realized yesterday at work that my last clean jacket wasn't so clean anymore. When you're a parent, you only notice things like this in the most inconvenient of places. Like work, or at a fancy restaurant, or out with the in-laws.

So I've rounded up all the dirty jackets and will be washing them today. Since they all have to hang dry, I'll be lounging around town today in one of Gilberto's hoodies. They look ridiculous on me, so I doubt today will be the day I break through into one of the mommy groups at Gabi's ballet class. Unless they’re looking for someone who’s into schlumpy grunge to round things out a bit.

If everything dries according to plan, Gabi's napkins should be clean and ready to wear by tomorrow.

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