Friday, February 22, 2008


  • I bought a loaf of cinnamon bread for Gabi the other day. Whenever I walk by the cupboard I pull it out and smell it through the plastic. It smells so delicious. I want to toast it and load it up with butter until it's a warm gooey mess.

  • Don't even show me a picture of a double chocolate fudge pop-tart or I might go into convulsions. I might also try to eat the picture.

  • I want a McDonald's cheeseburger with fries on it, dipped in sweet-n-sour sauce. Make that TWO cheeseburgers. And why not add a vanilla shake so I have something to dip the rest of the fries in.

  • I peeled an orange for Gilberto yesterday. We get organic oranges in our CSA box, and they are the best tasting oranges I've ever had in my life. It took all the strength I had to not lick the juice off my fingers.

  • Pizza. Nuff said.

That's about it for now. I pretty much want to eat anything I walk by, but these are thing things that torture me on a continuous basis.

When I drop my first twenty, I don't care if I gain three of it back, I'm devoting a whole day to debauchery. Italian for lunch, Chinese for dinner, and chocolate all day long.


  1. Keep fighting the good fight! (My boss always says that to me when I'm a little down at work...)

  2. Hey Laural!

    You've been blogging for awhile now! I've been reading through most of them and love it! Much more creative than mine...I mostly just write about my day in a nutshell and tiny things I want to remember about my kids, etc. :)

    my constant cravings?? brownies, donuts, tiramisu, subway sandwiches, cereal of all kinds, shrimp...I could go on and on.

    Jenny Essington


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