Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Strangest Brazilian Food Of All

Every time we go to Brasil, my in-laws order pizza at least once during our trip. They get very excited, as pizza is considered a special treat. It is hyped up for hours leading up to the call, and then served with much oohing and aahing.

I was excited, too, that first time. Everyone was telling me how amazing Brasilian pizza was! I could feel myself right back in Italy, eagerly anticipating all the pizza goodness. And then I saw the pizzas. Canned peas? Boiled Eggs? Anchovies? All piled high on super thick bread with some sort of pink mayo sauce base. Talk about culture shock!

So of course I grabbed my camera. My in-laws thought it a bit strange that I took picture after picture of the pizzas instead of eating them. Everyone, including Gilberto, was in pizza bliss, and devoured every single strange slice.

None of my pictures turned out (I didn't know that cheese is reflective), and I've had such a hard time explaining Brasilian pizza to my family and friends here in the States.

But Daniel at Wickets and Guayaba just wrote a great explanation of Brasilian pizza! I am having some serious pepperoni cravings now.

This time, as I'm sure pizza will make another appearance at my in-laws, I'll turn off my flash and try to get some pictures to post. And who knows, maybe my tastes have changed, so I'll do the usual bite of one or two pies. But most likely they haven't. I mean, canned peas? 'Nuff said.


  1. yeah...that sounds gross..ew.

    Jen Essington

  2. There must be some regional differences. Here in Minas Gerais, the pizza crust is very thin and sparsely covered with these same strange toppings. Some of it's okay (I have developed a bit of a relationship with corn and bacon pizza.) I've never missed pizza sauce so much in all my life though!

    Thank goodness for homemade pizza, that's all I can say!

  3. While I appreciate different cultural interpretations of foods, this just sounds gross.


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