Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Shoes

I went to Macy's last night to return the dress that wasn't fancy enough for my BIL's wedding.

I could've kept it, since it really would be perfect for a wedding here in the States, but we don't have a wedding to go to anytime soon. Well, we have one in July, but, dun dun dun... it's too big for me now! And I'm hoping to be down at least another size by the time that summer wedding rolls around.

I tried to stay true to my diet while on vacation, but I just couldn't resist all the awesomely delicious food that Brasil has to offer. I DID eat healthy most of the time (my MIL is an amazing cook, and makes everything from scratch, so I was getting the best of the best), but oh my, things like fried yucca absolutely broke me down. Because who can NOT eat fried yucca when it's on the table right in front of you? Or meat pastries with golden, flaky crusts? Or the occassional bowl of traditional rice and beans? Or chocolate banana pizza? Or homemade pistachio icecream? Or cashews straight from the family's ranch? The list goes on and on.

When I got home I expected to have gained a good five pounds, but the scale showed me at the exact same number as when I left! Considering all the cheating I did, this was some majorly good news. After I did a happy dance I got down on my knees and offerred up a little prayer of thanks.

So I'm back on the wagon now. I've only been home for 9 days and have dropped another two pounds (for a total of 24!). It felt great to return that dress.

While on my way out of the store decided to stroll through the shoe section for some window shopping.

Oops! I left with these:

At least it was an even trade!

Aren't they awesome?! Bonni Blu is my new favorite shoe. I wish I could find the flats in Gabi's size!


  1. YEA for 24 lbs dropped! YEA for clothes that are too big! And YEA for fab shoes! :)

  2. I think the rice & beans definitely helps keep the pounds off!

  3. Wow.. So sweet. I always shop at Macys, and got the wide range of world class designer shoes only at Macys.


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