Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nice And Warm With A Twist Of Humidity

We arrived at my in-law´s yesterday around noon. To a huge home-cooked meal! I could only eat about half of the things since I´m still doing Atkins, but oh my, it was delicious. The best part is that my mother-in-law cooks like that every single day. We are in for a treat! Gilberto stuffed himself so full he couldn´t move for hours.

Today it´s 73 degrees with 94 percent humidity. It´s been raining on and off all morning. I actually love it when it rains here, because the clouds hide the sun and it´s not so hot!

So far no crazy stories, except my mother-in-law is getting her dress for the wedding at a rental shop, and now wants me to go there, too. Just to SEE if there´s something better than what I brought. I just smiled and said sure, but inside I´m cringing. She wants me in a long layered chiffon dress with sequins. The dress saga continues.

But maybe that means we´ll get out of the house today? We haven´t left the house since arriving, and I´m dying to get out. Even if it´s just to go down the street for some cheese.

And so wraps up the most boring post I´ve ever written. But at least you know we´re alive and not suffering from humidity stroke quite yet.

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  1. A long-layered chiffon dress with sequins??
    Tell your mother-in-law that 1985 called and it wants its prom dress back. :)


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