Friday, April 4, 2008


Gabi HATES bananas. And my mother-in-law keeps trying to get her to eat them. Apparently they will make her grow strong, or something like that. I wasn´t able to understand the complete explanation she gave for why it´s so gosh darn important for Gabi to eat bananas. But it was very animated, so bananas must be close to her heart.

Gabi just came into the bathroom while I was blowdrying my hair to tell me something very important.

Gabi: Mommy! I have something VERY important to tell you!

Me: What is it?

Gabi: You don´t spit out the things that you DO like. You only spit out the things that you don´t like!

Me: Did you eat something you liked?

Gabi: No, it was something I DIDN´T like!

Me: Is your grandma trying to feed you bananas again?

Gabi, with a big sigh: Yes. I don´t LIKE bananas, even when they are in chocolate. I just don´t like them!

Me: Don´t worry, sweetheart. Just keep saying Nao Obrigada when she offers them. You don´t have to eat them.

Gabi: Thanks, mommy. I DO like bananas when they´re watermelon, though. I LOVE watermelon!

And off she skipped to go get some watermelon.


  1. I'm with Gabi on this one...I only like bananas when they're watermelon too!

  2. If it were acceptable to spoon-feed adults, my sogra would force feed me at every meal we have together because she thinks I don't eat enough. Poor Gabi.

  3. Good thing I make zucchini bread and not Banana bra for gabby. Hope you are having a goo time.
    Taz's MOM

  4. I mean really...if you are going to do bananas and definitely need to add the ice cream and whipped cream and make it an official banana split!


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