Saturday, April 5, 2008

Two Big Events

Event Number One. I´ll start with the dress.

One of my mother-in-law´s friends, Sonia, came over yesterday with her grown daughter for tea. When she asked me if I was all ready for the wedding, I said, no, that my MIL didn´t like my dresses, so we still had some shopping to do.

Sonia wanted to see all the dresses, and then insisted that the goddess dress was PERFECT, minus a few alterations. It took a bit of convincing, but I think Sonia has some major clout with my MIL, and she was soon won over.

I owe them my thanks forever.

So the long layered chiffon dress is out of the picture now. Hallelujah. But I didn´t quite escape the sequins. They made me try on the dress so Sonia could fit me, and she took it home to do the alterations. Including sewing on quite a few sequins. The dress has a fitted belt of fabric that goes into a point between my boobs (I really don´t know how else to explain it), and it will sparkle as good as any of the other dresses the night of the wedding.

Part of convincing my MIL that the dress would work was agreeing to buy new shoes. Silver shoes. Yes, only silver shoes would do. And a silver purse. And big dangly earrings as big as my head. So off we went to the mall.

I have to say that I was pretty excited to HAVE to buy new shoes. And when my MIL tried to talk me into buying another pair, I happily obliged. Especially since I was enjoying the experience of having someone else slide the shoe on and adjust it for me. I felt like a princess. I now own a pair of VERY pretty silver shoes, and a pair of flats that remind me of Audrey Hepburn.

I´ll post pictures as soon as I get home. Maybe of the dress, too. Oh, heck, the whole gaudy ensemble will soon be up for your viewing pleasure!

Event Number Two. The wedding before the wedding.

We were woken up this morning by my MIL whirling into the room in a frantic state.

MIL: Wake up! It´s 8:30 and we have to be at the registry at 9:30!

Me: Wha??

Gilberto: Mom, this early?

MIL: Yes, 9:30! Get up and get ready. We have to hurry!

So this is how I found out that we were all expected to go with the bride and groom while they signed the marriage license. I knew this was happening today (the actual wedding isn´t until next Saturday), but had no idea it was to be a family affair.

This is how things work here. My MIL will suddenly tell me to be ready to go in 10 minutes, and then when we´re all in the car I still won´t know where we´re going. It drives me absolutely mad. THEY know about things in advance, but heaven forbid they share the plans with US.

So we had 45 minutes to get up, get showered and get dressed in fancy clothes that we didn´t know we were going to need (thank goodness I had that plethora of available dresses). I guess when I asked my MIL if there were any parties or events leading up to the wedding that we needed to know about, this didn´t qualify.

I had barely enough time to get Gabi ready before it was time to leave, so no make-up for me. In fact, I´m lucky I wore my new flats or I would´ve been buckling my shoes in the car.

The signing ceremony was really nice. And I got to be a witness! I was so worried about the photographer getting a picture of my gaping bosom as I leaned over to sign, though, that my signature was a bit sloppy. But it´s there. It made me finally feel like an official part of the family.

Oh, and I think my MIL approved of my alligator purse, because she held it for me during a picture, and then wouldn´t give it back. As in, whenever I reached for it, she would turn and walk away, pretending not to see me. I have no idea what that was all about. Just one of the many strange things she does. But hey, it was heavy, so it was alright by me.


  1. I'm dying to see the dress with the sequins sewed onto them. I kinda want to ask why sequins are necessary, but I know better...
    I'd love to see where they're going to be!

    Did they decide to have Gabi in the wedding?

    By the way, my mom does the same exact thing as your MIL. When we visit, she has our entire stay planned, every meal thought out - but somehow we're left out of the planning. So then making plans of our own ruins her planned activities, but we only find out about the plans when there suddenly becomes a conflict. Of course, it's not really OUR conflict, but a conflict for my mom's schedule that she had created for us without our knowledge.

    Also, she wakes us up at 8:00am by screams into our bedroom "We're going out to breakfast in ten minutes!"

  2. I am never getting married. My own wierd family is enough for me i dont want to deal with someone elses. And also, i am never going to a wedding. Its depressing and you have to wear stupid shit. Love you. miss talking on the phone. keep it coming. God, Your MIL would HATE me. She has no idea how lucky she is.

  3. This is just hilarious!
    Can`t wait to see your gorgeous outfil and the outcome of this MIL-trip!


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