Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What´s In The Bag?

We went out for a bit last night to run some errands. I should have been suspicious when my MIL made us wait outside a GNC type store while she popped in for something.

Especially since Gilberto seemed a little embarrassed. When I asked him what was up, he said that the store was mostly for body builders, and that people were looking at him funny because they probably thought he sent his mom in for him. So that he could get big and bulky. We laughed and then quickly moved over to stand one store down.

When she came out and Gilberto asked her what she got, she said, ``Oh, just some medicine.´´ And since they´re always drinking one kind of tea or another to cleanse the system, I didn´t give it much more thought.

When we got back home, his mom couldn´t find the bag from that store. She ran around looking everywhere for it, getting more and more agitated. Not wanting her or my FIL to go without some kind of medicine that seemed to be pretty important, I helped her pour over the house until we found it behind the bed.

Then I woke up this morning to my MIL on speed.

Well, the legal kind. Worried about the state of her house with family descending for the wedding, she had gone and got herself a little bit of help. Her medicine was really some sort of pure energy powder that athletes use when training for something like the Olympics! Probably the equivalent to a crushed MetaboLife. Or twelve.

You should have seen her! I´ve never seen anyone clean like that. And she was talking so fast that even Gilberto had a hard time understanding her (over the phone, since he was in Sao Paulo for a meeting today. Yes, he´d left me all alone with his hyped up mom). When some friends stopped by for a visit, she was able to calm herself down a bit, but went back into a frenzy as soon as they left.

My MIL is full of energy and pretty animated just on her own. The energy powder turned her into a maniacal whirlwind. I pretty much just stood in the hall watching her in awe.

My favorite part of the day was when, instead of defrosting the fridge, she pulled everything out and started hacking at the ice with a giant knife. Pieces were flying out left and right and skidding across the floor. Once she was done, she ran around picking it all up and throwing it across the room into the sink. I must say, her aim was rather impressive.

To her credit, by 6:00 everything was ready. The house was spotless, two meals had been cooked and cleaned up after, all the shopping and errands had been done, and another guest room had been readied.

Though she did complain of a headache at dinner.

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