Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brasil Just Got A Whole Lot Better

I´ve been joking that I must have done something pretty darn good recently because the Lord has been gracing us with rain every day since we arrived.

I guess most people wouldn´t consider rain to be the best part of a great vacation, but it´s what makes or breaks Brasil for me. Rain brings cooler temperatures and a refreshing wind. Every day when I wake up and smell the rain, I smile. Another great day in Brasil!

This morning I woke up to sun.

By the time everyone had been rounded up and ushered out for a morning at the beach, it was already 80 degrees with 83% humidity. Hot I can handle, but humidity sucks the life right out of me. And makes me cranky. Gilberto got an earful on our walk there, the poor boy.

But then something amazing happened. I took off the shirt I was wearing over my tank top and revealed my white shoulders to the world, because I was just too miserable not to. And it felt wonderful! No wonder so many Brasilians wear as little as possible. It makes the weather so much more bearable. I mean, who knew? I haven´t worn a tank top in public since highschool, so I´d totally forgotten how great it is to not have cloth clinging to you in hot weather.

And so I didn´t bat an eyelash when my MIL prepared and ate lunch in her hot pink bikini.

Despite my discovery, which I think will make Brasil a much happier place for me, I´m still happy that it started raining again tonight. Maybe it will cool down by tomorrow and I won´t have to keep peeling my ponytail off my neck.


  1. I, too, have been in the situation of being relieved by rain while on vacation. I tend to get sun-poisoning so a day (or 3) or rain is always a welcome respite.

  2. I'm getting hot just reading about it...yuck! I've told hubby I want to live somewhere where it is fall all year round...that would be my ideal!

    Lovin' your Brasil blog entries...especially the one about the sounds of Brasil...feels like I am right there hearing it all.

    Jen Essington


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