Saturday, April 12, 2008

Getting Ready

Well, today is the big day!

The wedding doesn´t start until 7:00 tonight, but our preparations began this morning with my 8:30 nail appointment. My MIL asked me when I arrived if I preferred the appointment at 8:30 or the one at 11:30. When I told her whatever worked best for her, she made me pick. So I did. But I guess I didn´t pick the right one.

Since then, she´s asked me every day if I still prefer the the 11:30 appointment, and I keep assuring her that I do. Since the wedding and reception will go into the wee hours of the morning, I wanted to sleep in as long as possible, and if she didn´t care, then I would rather go at 11:30.

Yesterday at dinner she asked Gilberto if I wouldn´t rather go in at 8:30. It turns out that she´d like to have the morning free to clean, and all along she preferred I go at that earlier time. She made it sound like I was unwilling to switch with her. Heaven help me stay sane.

At 2:00 we leave for the salon, and will be there for four hours. My hair and makeup will be done first, and Gabi´s last. I´m somehow supposed to keep a 3 year old entertained for four hours in a tiny little salon where she´s not allowed to touch anything, and without mussing my hair or sweating my makeup off. I have the DVD player charging, and for once I´m praying that she´ll want to watch three hours of cartoons.

After the salon we´ll come back and quickly get dressed. My dress was delivered yesterday in all its sequined glory. It´s actually not that bad! I´m not sure when the conversion happened, but maybe sequins aren´t such a horrible thing? I´m going to read this in a few weeks when I´m back in a world that isn´t happily trapped in the 80s and wonder what the heck I was thinking.

We´re heading out for lunch now at my father-in-law´s favorite restaurant. You eat by the kilo. Cool!

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  1. I cannot believe you picked the 11:30 appointment! How could you?


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