Thursday, May 15, 2008

Costco Made Me Cheat

The lure of the Mexican Potluck was too much to resist. They had homemade Mexican cookies! Who can say no to that? I used to be able to say no, I SHOULD have been able to say no, but I didn't say no.

Ever since my birthday and the Costco cake that I insisted on treating myself with, I've been a bit naughty diet wise.

Though the cake wasn't really my fault. Costco should offer a quarter sheet for those of us craving their cake, but who don't have 40 people to feed. Because about 30 of those servings went directly to me. Gosh, it was delicious. But all that sugar sent me straight over the diet edge.

The good thing is that I haven't gained any weight. The bad news is that I haven't lost any, either. I've been stuck at 26 pounds for the last two weeks. Which, really, I should be shouting hallelujah for, since I'm pretty sure I also had some In-n-Out Animal Style Fries somewhere in there. Oh, and maybe an eggroll, or two. And, um, some other stuff, but let's not dwell on that any longer.

Before my birthday, minus the Brasilian cheating, I was doing so well. I was even able to resist a brownie covered in fudge frosting waved directly under my nose. THAT was will power. And it felt mighty damn good to nonchalantly wave it away. Like, yeah, I'm a superstar, I don't need that piece of chocolate filth. That hasn't been happening so much lately.

It's time to get back on track.

I guess the rice, empanadas and cookies that I just ate were my last hurrah. No more unfaithfulness. Back to pure Atkins I go. But maybe after I eat one more Mexican cookie? Because I already touched it. It has my germs on it, so no one else can eat it or they'll get sick. I'm actually saving my co-workers from getting sick by eating the cookie.

Don't worry, I'm not going to eat the cookie. I was just having a moment of weakness. I dunked it into my water so that it wouldn't be appealing anymore and it's now an unappetizing mushy mess.

I do have one little motivator that should help me. As soon as I lose 10 more pounds, we'll be able to start trying for baby number two! And then there's also the whole feeling like crap when I eat gluten. So, yeah, feeling better will be good, too.

I never thought I'd say this, but BE GONE YE CHOCOLATE. Oh, AND YE BREADED THINGS, TOO. And ye flaky crusts. And ye mint ice cream. And...


  1. "chocolate filth"? Blasphemy I tell ya, just blasphemy! ;)

    But let me tell you, if someone came around these parts with some Mexican food (that I didn't just spend hours slaving over making myself from scratch - because that part really sort of kills it for me) I would probably eat until my stomach literally exploded and there were empanada remains splattered all over the ceiling. And I wouldn't even care...I'd be that happy to see some Mexican food. Really.


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