Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Shirt Was Not A Knock-Off

Dear Designer Resale Store,

I'm aware that you are located in Hoity Toity City, and that the items in your store are VERY high end.

And that your clientele are usually very high end as well. I know that I'm not your average customer, with my Macy's clothing, Target shoes and $45 purse.

But I feel I need to remind you that you sell USED clothing, USED purses and USED shoes. Everything in your store has already been worn by someone else. It's USED. And quite honestly, used shoes have a bit of an ick factor to them. I mean, even used Manolos have the stink of someone else's foot in them.

You glared at me when I walked in, but when I asked if you bought clothing, you gave me the most disdainful look I have ever received in my whole life, and told me you were HIGH END, and only accepted Chanel. I looked around and saw St. Johns and Tommy Bahama, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt and told you that I had an Oscar de la Renta shirt. You turned up your nose and gave your attention back to the women fawning over a $599 LV bag, scarf not included. Add $168 more for the scarf.

Oh, okay then. Apparently my appearance was enough to negate me from the wonderful high end fashion experience that is your store.

So I turned and politely walked out.

But I'm still reeling a bit from your behavior.

Because, um, you're a CLERK! I doubt you make enough working behind the counter of a designer resale store to live in the area, so your high and mighty attitude was really out of place. You may sell Chanel, but it's USED Chanel! And YOU were not wearing Chanel, that was for sure.

Just so you know, I went down the street to the other designer retail store, and the woman smiled and called me dear and was happy to take my shirt. Because Oscar de la Renta is nothing to scoff at. You twit.

So there. The hippy wins.


  1. This reminds me of the scene in Pretty Woman where the clerk would not help Julia Roberts because she wasn't "dressed appropriately" for the snitty store. Julia went back that afternoon to the same store, dressed to kill, with several hat boxes, clothing bags, etc. and told the same clerk,"Big mistake, I'm sure you work on commission!" Then she walked out of the store. The clerks mouth was hanging open in disbelief and hopefully regret.

  2. Its the same everywhere. Here theyre just snotty cus you are so not hip/vegan/in-with-the-country-fair-people/socialy-aware/outfitted-in-organic-hemp patchwork-clothing-hand-made-by-a socialy-responsable-self-sustaining-off-the-grid-commune-somewhere enough to spend your presumably evil corporate money no doubt earned on the backs of oppressed native people the world over in this store. cracks me up. fuck em. next time im in town we should go undercover and try to sell the a (gasp) gap purse and record the whole thing. we can make it a ritual to watch it at family gatherings. love you. dont let the underpaid snooty bitches get you down.


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