Friday, May 30, 2008

Poor Me

I twisted my ankle stepping out of the front door this morning. I heard two distinct pops.

I screamed so loudly that a neighbor lept out of her house and immediately ran over, probably thinking I'd impaled myself on something for all of the hysterical crying. She was so busy helping me that she didn't notice her dog escape into our house and dash upstairs. My mom had to catch and carry him down!

I've twisted my ankle so many times that everything inside is pretty loose and it usually doesn't hurt for more than a few minutes. But this time it's bad. REALLY bad. I can't flex my foot or put any pressure on it without shooting pains.

Needless to say, I didn't go in to work today. Thank goodness my mom is here to take care of me! She got me set up on the couch with my ankle sandwiched inbetween two bags of frozen broccoli. And she made me a sandwich!

It's hard not being able to use my foot. Hopping hurts too much, so I've been using the office chair to roll myself to the bathroom. And over to the computer because how could I go a day without blogging?

Gabi also has a really high fever, and is complaining of a stomach ache, so we're quite the pair today. We're giving my mom a run for her money! She's on her way to the store to get us a bunch of special treats. That's the one great thing about a mom taking care of you- spoiling is a given. I do believe I'll be eating ice cream in a relatively short amount of time.

Maybe my mom will bring me some chocolate chip cookies, too! I should give her a call and catch her before she leaves the store. Because we all know how important chocolate is at at time like this.

Well, I need to get back to the couch and put my ankle on ice again. The broccoli was just traded out and I have two new bags of frozen asparagus waiting for me.


  1. Aaawwww, bless your heart! (Yeah, go ahead and insert your best Southern accent into that one.) I hope you are feeling better real soon. Meanwhile, enjoy getting spoiled!

  2. Trust me, I know all about ankle pain. Hang in there - stay off your foot and keep it elevated if you have swelling. Want to borrow my crutches?

  3. I fall a few times a year and twist my ankle. I can totally relate to the move it around and its fine in a few minutes. But take advantage of mom

  4. Oh NO!!!! I had a really bad sprain once when I fell down the was not fun. Do you have a brace on it or anything?

    Thank goodness for moms!! They make everything so much better!


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