Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Don't Think We're Ready For Mother/Daughter Baking

Gabi and I baked chocolate chip cookies tonight.

I thought it'd be fun for us to do together, but it was, well, a bit challenging.

Me: Gabi, get your hands out of the dry ingredients!

Gabi: But I just wanted to taste it!

Me: Honey, the reason we measure everything exactly is because that's the exact amount needed to bake something. If you get some on your finger, then we won't have enough for the recipe. Plus, it doesn't taste very good.

Gabi: Pretty please? With strawberries on top?

Me: No.

Gabi: With raspberries on top?

Me: No.

Gabi: With HONEY on top?

Me: Oh, fine!

Gabi: Ewww!

Me: I told you it tasted bad! Okay, now hand me the bowl so we can add the dry ingredients to the mixer.

Me: Hey! I thought I told you to keep your hands out of it!

Gabi: But I wanted to taste it again!

Me: But you already did and it tasted bad!

Gabi: Yes, but I thought it might've been a mistake.

Oh my good heavens.

Me: Okay, now add a little bit at a time. Dip the measuring cup in the mix and slowly pour it into the mixer.

Gabi took a big scoop and dumped it in all at once.

Me: Why did you DO that? I told you only a little a time!

Gabi: But I thought my way would be better.

Me: Now you have flour all over your head!

Gabi: Hold on, mommy. DON'T DO ANYTHING UNTIL I GET BACK. I want to see in the mirror!

After the dough had been made, I gave Gabi the spoonful she'd been begging for since the first mention of baking cookies a few days ago.

Gabi, bringing back the spoon: Okay, mommy. I'm ready for my spoonful now.

Me: I just gave you a spoonful, kiddo.

Gabi: But that was just a SMALL spoonful. Now I want the BIG spoonful that you promised me!

Me: No, the one I gave you was enough.

Gabi, starting to cry: NO NO NO! You promised a BIG one! Now I've only had a little one and it's not fair!

Me, not wanting to deal with a tantrum: Oh, heck. Just lick the bowl.

I think she stuck her whole head in and cleaned it out with her tongue, because she now has cookie dough on the top of her head.

I'd totally be laughing, but since my mom is at work, and Gilberto is in another city for the Iron Maiden concert (yeah, we so do not have the same taste in music), I have to crawl on my hands and knees up the stairs to give her a bath.

At least I have freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to come back down to afterwards.


  1. Enjoy these adventures in the kitchen, as Gabi will lose interest as she matures, especially when the kitchen means chores and work!

  2. Oh my God! I loved it! That was such a funny moment! :)

    How old is she?

    I swear I can't wait to have children!

    take care,

  3. we have this fight every time in the kitchen. i like to give her vanilla to taste (hahaha!).

  4. My 3 year old loves to "help" in the kitchen. It takes a loooot of patience! And chocolate chip cookies can fix just about anything. :)

  5. Great blog, glad I found you! Isn't it great to have little helpers? Happy POW!

  6. Sounds a lot like my daughter. It is a wonder we ever have any dough left to bake.

    At least you got homemade cookies out of it!

  7. Laurel, I'm laughing so hard over here...your baking experience sounds like mine with Matty. The child likes to EAT THE FLOUR, for crying out loud!!! Weird!

    I hope the crawl up the stairs wasn't too bad...but I have to makes for some GREAT blogging material! hee hee

  8. Cute story! I feel the same way about baking with my kids. I swear the only reason they do it is to lick the spoon/bowl. (Actually that is really the only reason I do it too--ssshhh.)

  9. So Aviana and Gabi would totally be best friends. Although they would probably fight all the time because they are so much alike.

    I have pictures of dough on her head. But I can't keep my fingers out of cookie dough either. But I wait until all the ingredients are mixed. :-)


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