Monday, June 2, 2008

The Gelato Disaster

We had a little gelato disaster at work last week.

I wasn't laughing when it happened, seeing as how I almost ruined a party for 60 people, but I'm totally laughing about it now.

Last Thursday we had our semi-annual department get-together.

Instead of the usual spring Ice Cream Social, the Directors wanted to jazz things up a bit with an Italian theme.

Even though I was going to have to do all of the work, I was actually pretty excited. Gelato! Brioche! Biscotti! I even ordered specialty sauces, waffle cones and a coffee cart with barista to serve espresso. It was going to be awesome.

On Wednesday, I went to the gelato shop and loaded up the 8 gallons, took it all back to work, and put everything in the employee fridge.

On Thursday, after everything was set-up, we grabbed the gelato out of the fridge and lined it up on the table.

Co-worker: Um, Laural? I think we have a problem?

Me: What's wrong?

Co-worker: The consistency? It seems to be completely melted.

And it was. Because did you catch the part where I took it out of the FRIDGE?

Yep, I put $200 worth of gelato into the FRIDGE. Instead of the freezer.

I have no idea what I was thinking.

We frantically tossed around a few ideas, like serving milkshakes, or pretending that people were just mistaken about gelato being on the menu. What gelato? Here, have a macaroon!

Luckily, our building's cafe had some ice cream on hand and came to our rescue. And not a single person noticed that it wasn't the promised gelato. Even though the tubs said Ice Cream all over the outside.

One person even told me it was the best gelato they had ever had!

And the people helping me out, the ones in the know, didn't say a word. I will have their backs FOREVER.

So a crisis was diverted, but now we have all of that gelato in the freezer (at least I got it right the second time around). It may have frozen solid as a rock, because it was liquidy when we put it in, but a little defrosting should bring it back.

Some seriously delicious flavors keep calling my name. Do not be surprised if every Friday the freezer suspiciously contains one less gallon of gelato, as I secret it away in my new giant purse. I knew that thing would come in handy.


  1. I would totally do something like that! I like ice cream better anyway...

  2. Well.. looks like it was a honest mistake! Happens to everybody! :)

    take care,


  4. That's totally funny...we have a little place, a Gelato place called, The Gelato Fiasco (I am being serious) right down the road from us.

    As I was driving to the bank this afternoon I passed it by and had to pull over I was laughing so hard just thinking about your post. If I can remember I'll take a shot of the signage and send it to ya.

    BTW...hello from another mom of a Gaby!

    Really enjoy your blog, btw.

  5. Oh, that is funny- especially the part where everyone was saying it was the best gelato. :-0

    I love good gelato...some of it isn't go great and does taste like ice cream. When it is done right though, you can tell for sure it isn't gelato. Enjoy :-)

  6. Not sure I've ever had gelato.

  7. wellll, gelato issss really soft....

    at least you didn't put it in the dryer or something while you're on the phone. i've lost things that way!

  8. I love that they said it was the best gelato they tasted, guess they are true ice cream lovers at heart, huh?

  9. That is too funny. Totally something that would happen to me!


  10. OMG, now I'm craving gelato. I wish I could have some of those "extra" gallons!


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