Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Rule Monitor

For some reason, one day not too long ago, I watched a recorded episode of What Not To Wear while Gabi was still awake. Maybe she was really into some activity, like her latest obsession with ripping up paper and then taping it back together, and I thought I could get away with watching TV instead of her every move.

She eventually found her way into the living room, and the second she laid eyes on the beautiful clothes, it was a lost cause. She sat herself down on the couch and would not budge, totally enthralled with every little thing. When her mouth wasn't hanging open, she was asking a million questions.

Well! I'm certainly not one to deprive a young girl of important fashion advice. So we now plop down together every week to watch our show. It probably isn't the best mommy thing to do, but the excitement in our house when I tell Gabi that we have a new episode to watch is BIG!

And boy, is that girl a stickler for The Rules.

Mommy, why isn't that lady allowed to buy anything black?

Me: Because she already has a bunch of black clothes, and Stacey and Clinton want her to try other colors.

Gabi: Oh! I see!

A little bit later in the show, the woman picked up something black.

Gabi: Mommy! She's breaking the RULE! She's not allowed to buy black things!

The next show we watched, Gabi got upset when the woman bought a black shirt.

Me: Gabi, this is a different show. Stacy and Clinton make up different rules for each person, because each person does different things wrong with their wardrobe.

Gabi: Oh! So that woman is allowed to buy something black? What are her rules?

Me: Well, she needs to buy more prints, and stay away from super long skirts.

Gabi: Oh! Those are good rules. Let's see what she gets.

She then settled back into the couch, eagle eyes ready for any deviation from The Rules.

Last night, completely out of the blue, she turned to me and asked, "Mommy, what are MY rules?"

Um. Um. Man, I'm so not good with this on the spot questioning.

Me: Well, I don't think there are really any rules for kids your age. Um. Oh, you're not allowed to wear your bathing suit to Target! And, um... Oh! And I like for your hairbands to match what you're wearing.

Gabi: Oh. Okay, mommy. Swimming suits are for the pool.

So if she ends up fashionable, and she is well on her way if her appreciation of The Rules is any indication, it will be from paying close attention to Stacy and Clinton, and not from listening to me.


  1. Now if only Stay and Clinton would come over and explain bedtime...

  2. Gabi will soon become your personal shopper!

  3. My daughter loves to watch this show with me too! She requests it occasionally out of the blue and my husband just shakes his head. We love it!

  4. perhaps to balance things out you could read to her from 'the peoples history'. in portuguese.

  5. She sounds like a lot of fun! You gotta love a rule follower!


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