Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Night Of Peace And Quiet

My mom took Gabi with her to my Aunt and Uncle's ranch yesterday. For a sleepover!

Suddenly faced with an evening all to ourselves, Gilberto and I made grand plans. Go out for dinner, see a movie. Or two! Maybe a little walk on the beach. The night was ours to do with as we pleased!

Instead we both came home and fell in front of the TV for the whole night. Well, I cleaned a bit, THEN fell in front of the TV. Once we were firmly planted, the only muscles we moved for the rest of the night were to operate the remote.

Not quite what we had planned, but it was still wonderful. We needed a veg night.

But I'm missing my baby terribly. I talked to her this morning, and she told me all about the horses and ducks at the pond and what a great time she was having. Then she told me she'd been a little scared last night when she went to bed, and I felt like my heart was splitting.

I can't wait to get home and scoop her into my arms!

(Someone will need to remind me how much I missed her the next time I'm pulling my hair out in frustration. Probably tomorrow.)

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  1. My baby was six years old the first time she spent the night away from mom and dad. She stayed with her cousins in Oregon while we drove to Seattle for my back surgery. We were separated four days. All of us were delighted to be back together as a little family unit. A two hour or so dash to town alone used to be a nice break for me, and still is!!!


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