Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Almost Had The Perfect Rug

I am in search of a new living room rug.

My searches can last a long time, so I was excited to find the PERFECT rug after only a few weeks of looking!

Knowing that my floor would be bare for only a short time while my new rug came through the mail, I had Gilberto roll up the old one and put it out in the trash a few nights ago.

After years of playdoh and pee, I really was THAT eager to see it go!

Hasta la NEVER, baby!

I just went online to order the rug, and low and behold, the site is run by... WALMART! Canopy Living, you were very sneaky with your catalog stuck inside a magazine, and even your very own website, but when I was directed to Walmart's website for the actual purchase, you lost me.

I am a boycotter of Walmart.

Yes, yes, I know. I boycott a lot of things. Like Facebook for viewing pictures of breastfeeding babies as obscene. But I have good reasons for preferring to spend my money in places other than Walmart.

Basically, they get rid of all the competition, then slowly raise their prices. AND they use their power to bully vendors. AND they are one of the largest importers of Made In China stuff. AND... well, anyway. Here's a good article if you want to read more about it (it's about pickles, which is always a good read).

I toyed with the idea of just getting the darn rug, since it was perfect, but then there's also that whole part about their Home items being real crap (I'm not judging willy nilly- I speak from experience). Perhaps Canopy Living is their new, actually good brand of Home items, but once my trust has been tramped on, it's hard to get it back.

So no new rug.

Back to the search I go.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying my wooden floored living room, where I can sweep up snack debris without screaming about how THE RUG HAS BEEN SULLIED YET AGAIN.


  1. You know what? I HATE Walmart too! And I say, good for you. Don't give in, you'll find the perfect non-Walmart rug and it will be 30 million times better than anything you could have gotten there.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU . . .

    Wal-Mart is an evil company - I have been saying that for years. I hate them hate them hate them.

    They just built a brand new one a few blocks from my house. Every time I go by it (which is almost every day), all I can think is "f-ing Wal-Mart" because it is a big ugly building and there is now lots of traffic.

    I highly encourage the boycott.

  3. I think I'm voting for the wood floors! I can't imagine having a rug under the table...probably because my kids are the messiest eaters ever. and drinks are ALWAYS spilling. Not just them...sometimes my precious WINE too!!!!!

    Boo Walmart. Yay Target!!

  4. You know, I use to work for Target headquarters, and they are almost as bad. I'd try to get as many pennies taken off the dollar as possible. I left after 6 months when they did this company wide presentation about being the biggest retailer in the world, yuck.

    We have a choice of bad or worse it appears. I do know that wood floors in the living room are SOOO GOOOD though :)

  5. Rugs are overrated anyway!!


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