Thursday, June 26, 2008

Longing For Mexi-Fries

I just read Mommy Pie's latest post, where she merely mentions that she happened to be on her way to a Taco Time, and it immediately sent me into a craving tailspin. Oh, Taco Time, how I miss you and your Mexi-Fries!

Oh my goodness, those little fried nuggets are the best fast food ever.

I'm at work, and it's not good when you're supposed to be creating financial reports and all you can think about is fried potatoes. So I pulled up their web site just to see if a Taco Time had miraculously opened up anywhere within a 50 mile radius. Or 100. I'm willing to drive.

Up pops the list by location, and the first think I notice is that the whole state of California still has NO Taco Times. The second thing? There, at the very top of the list, is Ketchikan. As in, Alaska. Where my dad, stepmom and little sister live. It's an ISLAND! You can only get to it by plane or boat, and THEY HAVE A TACO TIME.

So my family up in the Great White Wilderness gets to enjoy Mexi-Fries, but I, down here in one of the largest cities in the States, do not.

It is just so unbearably unfair.

There ARE two Taco Times currently under construction in L.A., which I will definitely keep in mind for when we need to trek up north again. Yes, I think I might be needing to go to the consulate again pretty soon. For something or other. It'll just be a coincidence that it happens to be at the same time as the store's grand opening.

And yes, I realize the irony in starting Atkins anew, and all I can blog about is food that is horribly bad for you. I need to stop that.


  1. Maybe Sydney and I will order Mexi-fries for you this afternoon. Maybe through osmosis you can experience the crunchy, greasy potato and smell its fried essence! Hang in there.

  2. Well Crap. Now I want Mexi-Fries...

  3. We definitely don't have any in Canada, but I'm kind of drooling thinking about mexi-fries, they sound rather delicious!

  4. Oh heavenly fried wonder!

    Hang in there with the cravings - the beginning is the worst! I, too am so guilty of taking little vacations from my "work-world" into blogworld! Its such a nice escape!

  5. Taco Time is the one of the things I miss most about living in Seattle. It was one of the first things I discovered when I moved up there, from So Cal and was having horrible In N Out withdrawl (I still am, but when In N Out comes to Maine, that'll be the day they fish the last lobster out of these waters) and Taco Time came to my rescue. Yummy goodness.

    Then when Clear Channel got the bright idea to transfer me to Alaska, where there was nothing, I repeat NOTHING except mosquitoes so big they had to file flight plans, they DID have Taco Time and I shed tears of happiness.

    Now I am here in Maine...where my heart is, but my heart would be just the littlest bit happier if there was a Taco Time near me. We only have McNasty's, Burger King and Wendy's here...oh and the VERY occasional Taco Hell. And we're lucky if there is one in any given city...Mainers are not big on fast food, not at all! Which is ok with me, as I'm not all that into it. But, just the same, I wouldn't complain if a Taco Time opened around here.....heck I'd probably drive down to MA if one opened down there.

    Pathetic....I know.

  6. We shared Mexi-fries (a small serving) yesterday. They were okay, but you aren't really missing much. Eat a piece of dark chocolate instead!

  7. I was going to say...I've lived in California intermittently and I've never even HEARD of a taco time before this post.. But I'm in LA, so maybe I'll try it out FOR YOU when they open.

    (that's what I hated about Atkins when I started...all the cravings for french fries...and toast)

  8. Okay, so I thought I had a Taco Time fetish -- you actually pulled it up on the WEB!

    I just now read this (I'm out of town this week ...) - hilarious! It's 10:46 and the cravings are kicking in ... EVIL, I tell you! EVIL!

  9. Mmmmm mexi fries..drool, smacking of lips. Luckily even Canada has Taco Time. I think I may be heading there in the very near future for those delish golden nuggets, oh and the hot darn tootin good. When I was pregnant I craved that hot sauce.


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