Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Year

It's my One Year Blog Anniversary!

Or Blogiversary to all ya'll in the blogosphere.

One year ago today, I wrote my very first post.

Looking back, I wish I hadn't gone with the standard introduction type of post, but instead came on the scene with a bang. Maybe writing about how my family used to think we were related to Ulysses S. Grant (and then the family secret was revealed, in which we found out we were NOT related). It would've been a much more interesting post to link to. Hmm, that might make a good future post.

ANYWAY (I've been using this word a lot lately, a testament to my wandering mind, which is getting worse as of late)...

I've been spending a bit of time going back over my earliest posts. And oh my word, the paragraphs! They are so long!

And the drivel! My voice and style of writing has changed so much in the last year.

I have to say, I like who I am now. I feel like I found my groove. Which is good to say at the year mark, because after a year of doing something you should pretty much have narrowed it down.

I'm so incredibly tempted to go back and edit all of it into more appropriate paragraph lengths and language. It's the obsessive compulsive perfectionist side of me trying to have it's way. But I'm also nostalgic enough to be able to suppress the urge.

I think there's some sort of linking that I'm supposed to do now, in true Blogiversary fashion. Like, my favorite post from each month. Or the progression of my year in a timeline, with links to show along the way. But instead, I'm just going to recap one particular event that happened to me over the last year.

The Dress and Wedding Preparation Saga.

For those of you reading back at the beginning of the year when my MIL revealed that I would need to wear a real live dress to my brother-in-law's wedding in Brazil, you don't need to click any of the links below. You are fully aware of the story in all its sequined and silver glory.

For those of you who haven't read about The Dress and Wedding Preparation Saga, well, you are in for some t.r.a.u.m.a. Just know that I survived.

The States

Part 1: I Have To Wear A Dress

Part 2: How About I Just Go To The Wedding Naked

Part 3: The Dress, Part III


Part 4: Nice And Warm With A Twist Of Humidity

Part 5: Two Big Events

Part 6: Getting Ready

Part 7: And The Silver Theme Carries Much Further Than Expected

Part 8: Make Way For The Silver And Sequins (Pictures!!)

So Happy Blogiversary to me! Because no one in my real live life gives a hoot. I told my husband last night, and he was not at all excited. Or even interested. Oh my dear man, thank goodness for all of my bloggy friends that I've met over the last year, who understand the importance of a Blogiversary. I mean, it's right up there with birthdays!

Seriously, everyone. Thank you so much for making this whole blog thing such a great experience.

You know, it's really the perfect excuse to have some cake. Damn my Atkins Induction timing! Would it be horrible to stop at Costco tonight for a sweet treat, and start my Induction over again tomorrow?

Oh, and a new blog design is in the works and will be coming soon!


  1. Happy Blogversary!!

    I have to go read the posts now. :-)

  2. Hey Laural, happy blogiversary! :) I really enjoyed the dress saga, although I must agree with McMommy's comment on the final post. It just doesn't seem like a whole story without a picture of the glamour you described.

    Here's to another year of great posts. And no further weddings in Brasil! ;)

  3. Congrats on your blogiversary!! I am definitely going to come back and read this saga when I can devote the time. I should be asleep right now but the OCD side of me just wants to read one more post.

    PS My husband would react the same way. He totally doesn't get it.

  4. Happy Blogiversary Laural! I had to keep myself from laughing out loud because DH is right next to me trying to sleep (it IS just before 2AM here!). But I just had to read the whole saga! I'm so sorry you had to endure the whole MIL bit, but the dress didn't look bad at all in the pictures! I do want to see you with the makeup and hair!

    I am so glad to have found your blog and am happy to consider you one of my good bloggy friends. Here's to another great year! And yay for finding the YOU that makes you a happy blogger!

  5. What a great thing to celebrate, forget the husband, I get it. I'm already writing differently too and I'm less than 6 months in (and I secretly want to delete some posts too!)

    off to read the other posts...

  6. Well congratulations! It's only been a couple of months for me, so I hope I can make it as far as you :)

  7. so i definitely read all of the posts, and i am so impressed that you didn't go completely INSANE living through that whole ordeal. you're a stronger woman than I!!!

  8. Congrats!

    Did you know 3 out of 5 blogs fail in the first year? Worst that marriages and new restaurants.

    Just kidding. I just made that up...

  9. Happy (albeit a tad belated) Blogiversary to you!

    I'd sing, but really, you're better off if I don't.

  10. Congrats on the one year! That wedding story is insane. Glad you made it through ok.

  11. Congratulations on the Blogiversary!!!!

    It's funny to hear about how different americans and brazilians are when it comes to cloths and events! haha!! Recently I posted my doubts about wedding traditions in both countries! :)

    And one more thing, I think it's universal not get a long with the mother-in-law! haha! The good thing is that you live far away from yours! ;)

    take care,

  12. Congrats on one year of blogging - yay!! I read the dress saga and had a good laugh, I can't believe you went through all of that, lol!! I hope you got some cake or something special, you deserve it :-)

  13. happy blogiversary! I say eat some cake dammit. screw atkins... no no i dont really mean it... yes i do eat the cake!

  14. Happy blogiversary! I love your writing style.

  15. Who needs an excuse to eat cake? It's cake! That's excuse enough! haha :) Congrats on your 1st year's journey through the blogosphere!

  16. Oh WOW!!! Your Blogiversary!!! Did your blog take you out to dinner? Send you flowers? Give you any beautiful jewelry???

    Love you and your fabu blog!!! Your writing style is SUPERB and keeps us coming back for more!!

  17. Lovin' your blog. I've spent some time here tonight and definitely enjoyed the wedding saga. Wow. That's all I can really say. Except that I really, really want to see a pic of the makeup and bangs and all! :) Happy Blogiversary!


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