Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Make Way For The Silver And Sequins

I wanted to quickly get these pictures up before Gilberto comes home and hogs the computer.

Sorry about the lighting! I couldn't for the life of me get the picture quality to turn out any better. And, well, with the time crunch, couldn't play around with effects too much.

Without further ado...

Here is the dress that I wore to the wedding:

The original plan was to put sequins on the middle part, creating a very shiny belt. But because of time constraints, the sequins were moved to just along the top shoulder area. So not too bad! And while it DID feel good to have sequins on my dress, because everyone else did, this dress is being retired.

Here are the purse and shoes:

I will definitely wear the shoes again!

The purse I'm not sure about, though I'm glad I have it. I just can't figure out if quilted silver is ahead of or behind the times! I'll leave it accessible just in case.

I don't have a picture of the earrings, but they were long and dangly. Five strands of silver, of varying length, with crystals on each end. They totally went with the feathered bangs, before I fixed them.


  1. A. isnt that a black laquer item there on your dresser?! and B. the dress is good. very good. cant you just remove the sequins?
    Quilted silver=bad. spray paint it red and put a 'meat is murder' sticker on it for those punk rock days you may have.
    whoa. i just pictured you with feathered bangs and i have to go lay down now.

  2. A. No, that is NOT black lacquer, lol. It's a dark stained wood.

    B. I never thought about taking off the sequins!

  3. hey Laural, I think I have good news for you... silver seems to be on again... I live in Paris and I need to buy some stuff for the summer including nice & comfortable but dressy shoes and accessories: every single store here has a silver collection for the summer! I was a little surprised by all-silver flats, EVERYWHERE. Silver all-stars... Anyways, maybe it's the same in the states???

  4. Ok, while I really am happy that I finally got to see the infamous silver and sequin ensemble, I can't hide the disappointment in my heart of never getting to see the feathered bangs and silver eyeshadow fabulousity that you had going on!! :)


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