Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Weigh Off

Our scale greeting me with a big fat black screen on Tuesday morning.

After suffering through two whole mornings of not being able to weigh myself, I was finally able to get a new battery last night.

The scale does turn on now, but it seems to be a bit confused.

I had a heart attack when I climbed on this morning and it told me I had gained 10 pounds since Monday. Yes, I admit! I had an Oreo (or five) after dinner last night. And maybe a few crackers with my hummus the day before. But 10 pounds? My goodness!

I called to Gilberto, still sleeping in the bedroom, and asked him if it had given him the right number when he weighed himself the night before. He yelled back a muffled Yes.

I climbed back on. Now I had lost 30 pounds since Monday. That's more like it! Not bad at all! It must have been all of the hard work I've been putting into my diet. Sure, I may have eaten a cookie or two, but I counted it in my carb allowance for the day. Totally legal. And showing great results! Yes, the scale was fine after all, and had just needed a trial run after adjusting to the new battery.

I climbed back on again. Hmph. Back to having gained 10 pounds.

Now I was obsessed. What would the scale do next?

Each time I got on after that, I lost exactly .2 pounds. I would only have to get on another 50 times for it to be back to my Monday weight. On and off I went, amazed each time as it dropped another .2 pounds.

When Gilberto came into the bathroom, I told him about the crazy scale. Oh, he said, it added 30 pounds to my weight, too. I stared at him in disbelief. Hadn't I just asked him about that, and he'd said it was fine? Did he understand the trauma he had just put me through?

I'd keep the scale if it consistently had me down by 30 pounds, but I can't take all the fluctuation. That kind of up and down isn't healthy for the body.

I'm heading to Costco tonight with Gabi to buy a new scale.


  1. I'm obsessed with the scale as well. But ours is old school where I can manually just scoot the little arrow slightly lower than zero before climbing on. :)

  2. I am totally obsessed with the scale too. Not that I am dieting or anything. I guess I think if I get on the scale everymorning the weight will just magically fall off. Hope you new scale works great!!!!

  3. This happened to me - but my scale was new. I'd lost like 15 pounds, it was the best 10 seconds of my life, until I stepped back on it.

    Why tortue us mean scale makers!

  4. Had that been me, I woulda called it a day after it showing I'd lost thirty pounds. Then I would have made myself some mashed potatoes and gravy! *lol*

    Seriously, I can't keep a scale in the house because I obssess over it and have been tempted, back in the day when one was allowed in the house, to throw it out the window when I didn't like the numbers.

    Great post!

  5. I hate that our scale at home is different from the scale at the gym. I know the fym's is probably more accurate (it's the GYM, right??) but ours says I'm slightly less poundage, so I defer to that one!

    Happy POW!

  6. That is totally not fair!!! Chuck that scale out the window and get a new one - no girl needs that kind of stress!

  7. (by here of POW). What I hate is how my scale is 5 pounds lighter than my doctor's scale, and she makes a huge deal about my weight (which is NOT bad!! According to my scale I'm only 4 pounds over my pre preggo weight and I wasn't heavy before, I'm just muscular). My doctor doesn't like it when I point out that she weighs me with all of my clothes on too...I firmly believe that clothes weigh 5 pounds. Pooh on scales. I think all women have a love/hate relationship with them.

  8. Scales stink.

    Except when they tell you you've lost 30 pounds!!

    And five Oreos....YUM!!

  9. Such a love hate relationship. Can't live with them, can't live without them.

  10. I pretend my scale doesn't exist. I avoid going into the bathroom where it lives and when I do I don't make eye contact with it.

  11. I must be a masochist, my scale also has a body fat monitor.

  12. I just avoid the scale at all costs! I think it lies to me anyway!

  13. i want your scale... and I already have that husband who just says yes or huh to things when he isn't listening or asleep - :)

  14. Scale in the house? NO WAY. Never had one. Never will. Yuck.

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  15. I'd stick with the broken one. If you have a new one that actually works, you have no excuses. There's no, "Oh, the scale says I gained 2 pounds, but it's broken and can't be trusted."

    Always cover your ass. Even if it's bigger than it should be.

  16. Oh I have to admit, that this very post is why I do not have a scale. They say you should only weigh yourself at most once a month. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and fingers crossed for the Target give away!

  17. I never regularly weighed myself until I had children. Now I am obsessed with weighing myself. Your scale would have driven me crazy!


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