Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bickering In Person Is So Much More Fun

We live in a very small house, so my sister is being put up in Gabi's room while she's here. She gets to sleep with a plethora of pink bedding, and wake up to a strand of butterflies strung across the room. My rock-n-roll, hippy, sailor swearing sister is dealing with it as best she can.

What she wasn't prepared for was to be woken up prematurely (and by that I mean at 9:30 in the morning instead of noon) to scratching noises by her head.

Apparently, Gabi couldn't stand not being able to rearrange the furniture in her dollhouse for one more minute, and snuck into her room even though her Aunt was still sleeping. My sister called me at work from the bed to groggily tell me all about it. She thinks it's my fault.

Me: But I'm not even there! It's mom's fault. Go tell mom to get her out.

Sister: It IS your fault. And she's fine, I'm already up.

Me: Please, how is it MY fault?

Sister: YOU obviously passed on your OC tendencies and love for decorating. The kid is REARRANGING FURNITURE, for Christ's sake.

Me: Oh, I see where you're going with this. But let me tell YOU, rearranging furniture is FUN.

And really, sleeping past 9:30 with a four year old in the house? Not a very realistic expectation. Though I didn't tell her that before she came for fear she'd cancel her trip. Some things you just have to learn the hard way.

Her revenge will be swift, if I know my sister. She's already asked if she could henna Gabi's hands. I wouldn't be surprised if I came home to find Gabi with henna from head to toe. Or half a head of purple hair.

I blamed her yesterday for my clothing mishap, she blamed me today for getting woken up too early. It's a vicious cycle. And so much fun.

I'm glad she's here.


  1. Isn't it great to visit with your sister? :) Sounds like you are having a blast.

  2. Hey the fact she got to sleep in until 9:30 is a freaking miracle. Oh and Henna is fine, purple hair is not. Good luck with that.

  3. 9:30?! Hm, I will trade spots with her anytime!!
    Oh, my friend--I love rearranging furniture. It's like a drug. Don't ask me why. I just love it. I just did the living room last week. I'm satisfied for the time being :)

  4. stamps feet and pouts lip...

    i want a sister!!

    wanna share?

  5. Does your sister have kids too?

    When Jami is with me she always sleeps until I wake her up, like 10, 10:30am! hehehe!!

    And it is my pleasure to share my happiness and how proud I am with you! :)

  6. Does she have her own home yet, because clearly she has not discovered the joys of rearranging furniture?!

  7. Yaeh, really. No right to complain when you're getting put up for free.

  8. rearranging furniture IS fun!!! i agree! how fun to have a sister.

  9. My sister and I get along better when we aren't under the same roof. Last Christmas all our families spent a week at my parents house. It was, um, a relief when it was all over!

  10. this may sound wrong, but that kind of bickering sounds like SO MUCH FUN to me lol!

  11. And it's stuff like this that have me telling my girls how blessed they are to have each other ;). Definitely relish in the fact that you have a sister. I wasn't blessed with one and instead only had an older brother who despite the chaos of his life (can't hold a job or a house) he still thinks he knows more than me and can tell me what to do in a lecture.

  12. Awe - I always wanted a sister! Glad to hear you're having a great time with her!

    And sleeping past 9:30? What I wouldn't give to sleep past 7 am!

  13. Sleeping in til 9:30 with a small child in the house is amazing. (Next time send her in at 7am! ha! ha!)

  14. I often wonder what it is like to sleep in tell 9:30. My wake up call is usually 6. Hey when a girl wants to rearrange furniture, you cannot stop her. It's fun!

  15. Loved that Gabi snuck in and rearranged dollhouse furniture!!!! ha ha! Wonder if she can help me with some furniture rearranging in my house?

    Sisters make life more fun. At least i think so!

  16. Oh Laural...I need to come over here more often...You are so stinkin funny....the last post about the holes in your clothes had me in bra...bWAHAHHAHHAHHA

  17. you should explain that a stinkin miracle was apparently performed in your house and you should be contacting the pope or possibly someone at Disney for a movie deal. 9:30 (spoken like the mother of 2 under 4?) =)


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