Monday, July 28, 2008

The Luck Of The Cards Is Inside You

Gilberto is playing Crazy Eights with Gabi.

Gabi: Mom, Daddy is cheating already! He keeps winning!

Me: Well, sometimes people just win a lot, and it's not cheating. Crazy Eights is more a game of luck than a game of skill, honey.

Gilberto: Yes, I am VERY lucky. Just FULL of luck.

Gabi: Well, then, I'm taking all of your luck right out of you and putting it in me!

And then she won!

Gabi: I won! Mommy, I'm lucky! I'm lucky! I have all that good luck inside me now!

It's so much fun now that Gabi is old enough to play card games. Pretty soon I'll have a chess companion. Or better yet, someone to play Yahtzee with! I get tired of playing Yahtzee by myself all of the time (though it really does help hone one's strategy).

Did I just reveal too much about myself?

Anyway, Gabi and Gilberto are now playing a rousing game of I Have More Luck Than You. Only in our house would an innocent game of Crazy Eights turn into an all out fight between a grown man and a four year old girl over who has more luck than the other.


  1. LOL That's the fun thing about kids. They can turn most ANYTHING into a game!

  2. I had to laugh because I can totally see this happening when our kids are old enough to play games with us. We are a very competitive family, especially when it comes to card games!

  3. As sharp as Gabi is, her daddy ought to teach her how to play poker. It's a great father/daughter exchange, plus it enhances math skills.

  4. Well you know two people concentrating on the same positive outcome is more powerful then one person opposing it, so Gabi is on a STREAK!

  5. are so lucky to have a Yahtzee partner! I am jealous--that's one of my favorite games ever. But you better watch out with all the luck that she has now :)

  6. oh friend this post made my heart smile.

    i so look forward to these random family fun nights. the things kids say...just amazing.

    thanks for sharing :)

  7. I felt like this with Kyle's daughter this past winter! he first time when I met her, she was almost a baby and she didn't talk a lot, actually she didn't talk anything I understood! hehe! But the past winter she was talkign so much, I could understand her and do things together. It was so much fun! :)

  8. Hahaha!
    How funny :)
    Don't you worry about honing those yahtzee skills in your spare time. You never know when you might need that skill ;)

  9. And to think, I get kinda sad when I lose at Candyland!

  10. I don't like playing games with my kids. Does that make me a bad mother?

    Yesterday I had to play three rounds of Go Fish with my kids and wanted to poke my eyes out!

  11. Oh, that's something I hadn't thought of! My wife has never really got into playing chess with me, but when our baby arrives I can train it up to play! Fantastic! :)

    The Broken man


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