Sunday, July 6, 2008

Please Welcome To The Family...

It was a big decision, but we finally decided we were ready for a pet!

Gabi has been asking for one for a long time. We've spent quite a bit of time explaining about how much care pets need, how much responsibility it takes to make your pet's life a good and healthy one. And after all the talking, I think the accountability that comes with being a pet owner has sufficiently sunk in.

So last night we headed to the pet store (and since it falls so close to her birthday, we told her it was one of her birthday presents). We went in for one, and came home with three.

May I introduce to you, the newest members of the Kay family.

Tiara (white with gold spot on head, for Gabi)
Goldy (all orange, for mommy)
and Banana (the shark looking feeder fish, for daddy)

I'm not a pet person, but so far, having fish really IS a lot of fun!

They are little porkers, though. Feeding time is highly entertaining, with all the frantic sucking in of the food flakes. Or maybe they're super hungry and I'm not feeding them enough? Or are they getting enough, but they don't have that little chemical release in the brain that tells them they are full? Can you have obese fish?

Which reminds me: Please, Lord, let me remember to feed them on a regular basis so that they don't die. I'd rather have fat fish than dead fish.

As for the names, it's hilarious that Gabi named the feeder fish Banana. Whenever Gabi asks her daddy a question, that is what he always answers.

Gabi: Daddy, guess what?!

Gilberto: Banana!

Gabi: NOOOOOOOOO. Don't SAY that, daddy!


Gabi: Daddy, what color ball do you want to play with?

Gilberto: Banana!

Gabi: NOOOOOOOOO. Don't SAY that, daddy!

We are NOT fans of the banana answer. It drives both of us crazy, which I'm sure is why he does it. Even so, I'm getting such a kick out of Gabi deciding to name his fish Banana. To her, daddy equals banana, and THAT is funny.

We are not even 24 hours into being official pet owners, but so far so good. I think I can handle this.


  1. Yay! New pets :)
    Meanwhile, I think I actually remember reading somewhere that fish can't tell when they've eaten enough, and it is possible to over-feed them. I might be wrong on that though.
    Anyway, yay! new pets :)

  2. Welcome to the family pet-owning club. Fish are SO much easier than furry animals - and you don't need to hire a pet-sitter when you go out of town for the weekend!

  3. Fish is so boring! :P
    But I guesse you already have a lot work with Gabi! :) hahaha!

    Banana... that is so weird, why does he use this work so much. Definetely is not a "brazilian thing"! haha!!

  4. Good luck. I prefer to eat fish.

  5. My kids keep asking for a dog... maybe I will try the fish first & see if that is enough? Conrats.
    I am pretty sure fish don't know they are full..that is why you have to be sure not to over feed them My sister killed a couple that way....

  6. Good job - I hope you guys enjoy the fish!!! Now, if you do a good job and are very responsible pet owners, I might mail you my dog :-)

  7. At least you wont have some big furry overgrown puppy dragging leaves and every other thing he finds outside, inside. Grrrrrr. And it was MY idea to get goldendoodle puppy. Yeah, I woulda been better off with a fish. But then I probably would have named it Nemo. Not so original.

    I'm just generally disgruntled right now because he needs a bath. NOT one of my favourite things to do. Yeah, a fish wouldn't have needed a bath.

  8. I hope you have better luck with your fish than I had.

    We set our Fishy free in a neighbor's pond after one week.

    Um yeah. Cleaning out a fish bowl every day because I was too cheap to buy a filter wasn't really high on my list of priorities for the day. So releasing Fishy seemed like the humane thing to do.

  9. Very lovely :)

    Definately not as personable as a dog (like Lucy) . . . and it won't feed Gabi's fascination with cats, but I suppose she can get her fill of furry animals when she visits!!! Just another reason you should come to CO :)

  10. Your kids sound like such fun. I can't wait to have some form of a conversation with my son! hey I LOVE the name Banana! Could I use that for one of my stuffed puppies?

  11. First of all, I LOVE your new blog design. So pretty!

    Congrats on the new pet. Could you set yourself an alert on your email or cell phone to remind you to feed them. I know I'd forget to feed my cats if they didn't meow at me and rub up against me all the time to remind me.

  12. Good luck with fish. It's still way too much work for me.

    I bet the family loves them though!

  13. Good luck with the fish, still too much work for me!


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