Monday, July 7, 2008

Fish Poop, Too

Did you know that fish poop?

I totally didn't know that! I mean, I've never really seen anything come out of a fish. I guess I just thought that those food flakes were so highly nutritious that they absorbed every last little bit.

But now I know that fish poop. And so does Gabi. Oh, and Gilberto and my mom, because I believe in spreading knowledge. And probably the neighbors, because when I saw what I saw, I yelled very loudly in my astonishment, right next to the open patio door.

Me: Gabi! Hurry, get over here! Look! Goldy's pooping!

Gabi: How do you know?

Me: Look at her bottom. See the poop getting pushed out?

Gabi: Yeah! Wow! She's really pooping!

Me: Oh, more is coming out! It's just hanging there! I wonder when it will fall off. Isn't this fun?

Gabi: Yeah. Watching Goldy's poop fall off is fun!

Hey, at least I was able to share my excitement with someone who understands.

I can't exactly go to the office and say I discovered that fish poop by watching it in action. I don't think I'd get a lot of high fives with that little bit of information about how my weekend went.

We watched as Tiara also pooped, and then thought it'd be fun to go around the tank and try to identify more droppings. And based on what we found, those little buggers poop a lot.

Am I going to have to clean that up? Or will the feeder fish do that for me? If not, are there poop eating fish? Or little poop cleaning sea worms? Or something? Because I am just not going to be able to deal with that water when cleaning time comes knowing that there is fish poop fermenting in it.

One thing's for sure, those fish are NOT starving. Based on all the poop, they are probably getting overfed. Leave it to me to pick the fish with the eating disorders. I've fallen for their frantic begging for the last time.


  1. Congratulations on your new pets! That is hilarious that Gabi equates her daddy with Banana and named the fish that. Love it! And isn't it amazing that when you have kids, the topic always comes back to poop? Why is that, anyway?

  2. My kids are fascinated with poop of all kinds - their own, the dog. They LOVE to talk about it too - and make up songs about poop. Oh I'm so proud!

  3. Speaking of poop....I went to see Wall-E with my friend and her almost 3 year old this weekend. Her son Justus chooses one of the few quiet moments in the movie to announce "Mommy, I'm poopy!" I'm sure the older gentleman in front of him was thinking "oooh Great!!" Honestly, that was the best part of the movie.

  4. So this post is hilarious. Isn't it funny how bodily functions can be so darn interesting? Sorry to see that the fish are dying off. We've never been very good at keeping them alive, although, we've never been very good at cleaning the tank often either.

  5. fish stories crack me friend Rachel (at Five of Green) has recently had many fish deaths and they are causing me to burst into laughter at every post of another fish croaking...her kids are not laughing and won't let her take photos of the burials for her blog any more. hahaha

    great story!

  6. Hilarious! I have never witnessed a fish pooping in action, lol!

    Happy POW!

  7. You just reminded me that it is time to clean out the aquarium! Eeeeeeew. . . so NOT my favorite job.

  8. Oh man, I can't stand cleaning a fish tank. Seriously, picking up after a dog and a cat is enough!

    I'm glad you had someone you could share your new knowlege with!

  9. Oh, super sad for my daughter's little beta. I never clean that bowl. Not a big fan of cleaning up after non-humans after spending the day cleaning up after kids. Going to clean the bowl!

  10. We bought fish several months ago and my husband was as astonished as you are by the fact that they poop.

    I thought he was the only person in the world to not know that.

    He'll be relieved to know he isn't.

  11. See?? That's how it starts. You like the fish and their poop at first. How entertaining!

    An thennnnnn.....

    One day you free your fish into your neighbors pond...where they can poop to their hearts content and it's not your job to clean the water.

    ha ha!

  12. I think I am a little nauseous from reading that post. LOL! Thats gross.


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