Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well, That Was Quick

I'll just get straight to it. Even though this makes three fish posts in a row.

Little Tiara met her demise last night, just 48 hours after being brought to live in her new home.

Banana soon followed.

Goldy is left swimming all alone, though the loss of her friends hasn't deterred her from begging to be fed. (Perhaps she's just trying to drown her sorrow in food?)

I really can't believe they're dead! I thought we'd get at least a few weeks with them. Maybe even months!

And poor Gabi. She was already VERY attached to Tiara. She made up games so they could play together, she lovingly fed her twice a day, and she spent a good chunk of time watching Tiara swim and explore her new home. She even pretended to pet her, through the glass.

When I told Gabi this morning before leaving for work, she looked up at me from her pillow, her eyes wide open and welling up with heartbroken tears. After a good cry, and an explanation about how Tiara could be in both Heaven and the refrigerator at the same time, she asked if she could get another fish.

Why yes! Yes you can!

That's one benefit to having fish over, say, puppies. You can't just replace a dog when its time comes to join our Lord in Heaven.

The tears dried up, and she seemed content with being able to get another fish. I have to say, I'm kind of relieved that it didn't take much to get her over the loss of her Very First Pet Ever. It was touch and go for a few minutes there, but it all ended well.

When she found out about Banana, she just said, "Oh, Daddy will be sooo sad!"

When GILBERTO found out about Banana, he wasn't sad, he was Pissed Off that the little water world we'd created had failed! And he immediately started devising plans for round two.

Apparently, he knew when we got the small tank that it was inadequate and all the fish were going to die, and what we really needed was a BIG tank, an AQUARIUM, with filters and pumps and chemicals. And a pirate ship so the fish could hide when they didn't feel safe (I'm thinking he's thinking Tiara and Banana succumbed to heart attacks brought on by fear?). And then we could have all sorts of fish! Like tropical fish! And won't that be so much fun for Gabi?

You see where this is going?

Tonight when we go to the pet store, I'm going to be divided between helping Gabi pick a healthy, young looking goldfish, and trying to keep Gilberto from turning half of the living room into our own little piece of the sea.

Getting a fish seemed like such a good idea in the beginning. Not so much now.

I really don't know how I get myself into these things.


  1. OMG... poor fishies... poor Gabi... poor you!

    I love how kids are easily directed and at their young age, and all it takes is a replacement to whatever they lost.

    Good luck at the fish store - let us know what you get!

  2. WOW, Banana too? when we talked last night you were only down one fish. I'm not suprised Gilberto was not upset, but how predictable that he wants to get a floor to ceiling fish tank! Also not suprised that your fish is the one still going strong! Are their baby fish you can get? That would be a fun question to ask the fish store guy. Good Luck!!

  3. Well, that's a rip-off, I think you should get your money back!!! They should live longer than that I think. Poor you, now your house might end up looking like Sea World . . .

  4. So sad!
    I'm glad that Gabi took it so well though. You never know with kids. Good luck tonight!

  5. RIP poor little fishies!

    Sometimes I think fish are harder to take care of. The hardest part is keeping the water correct.

    We used to have a 40 gallon fish tank in our living room! It was quite the conversation piece!

  6. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! You are so going to crack up at my WW post this week. You'll have to check it out.

    It's so funny that you've been posting about your new fish because I've been thinking about giving in and getting one for my little girl. She keeps asking and asking...but this post put the brakes on that idea. haha!

  7. Aquariums are an addicting sickness. My bff and her husband spend eery weekend looking at things for their fish. It's weird, and I tell them so. Good Luck.

  8. I will never had a pet fish again in this house. I am the worst pet fish owner. They all die on me no matter what I do.

    Laura, read your comment on my blog. Both me and my husband are Brazilians. We met in Toronto though. Thanks for visiting! :)

  9. Awwwww, so sorry about your fish, well swimming with the fishes...

    Poor Gabi. It's good though that she's bounced back and is looking forward to more finned friends!

  10. I agree, don't they have some life span guarantee? Geesh, even Home Depot has a warranty on their plants - for a year!

    My son would be devastated, I feel for you. Good luck~


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