Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Big 4!

My little girl turned four today!

At 7 something in the morning. I think. Well, I'm pretty sure it was 7 something. Though 7 is my favorite number, so that might be why I'm thinking of it.

I better go check, before she grows up being told the wrong time, and then discovers by coming across her birth certificate before heading off to college that all of her previous 7 something in the morning celebrations were a sham.

How on earth do other parents remember all of their child's stats, spouting them off without having to look it all up? I've got the day down, and her weight, since she was an even 8 pounds 8 ounces, but all the rest is lost to On Demand Retrieval.

I wonder if my brain will ever be free from this cloud that seems to hang over it. It makes life fuzzy. Fuzzy's not good when you have a birthday to prepare for. Especially for a very opinionated four year old.

Which reminds me, I forgot to buy the Strawberry Shortcake plates, napkins and cups. Shoot. It was one of the things I promised to get her in exchange for not having a big party! She was fine with not having all of her friends over, as long as she could still have the paper goods of her choice. Oh, and Disneyland. A trip to Disneyland pretty much sealed the deal.

Looks like I'll be leaving work a bit early today to get her Strawberry Shortcake stuff. Which is actually good, because then I can pick up the cake early (there is nothing more exciting to my cake loving daughter than to go to Costco and construct her own cake), and then still have time to wrap the presents I forgot I hid in the coat closet when I was wrapping the other presents last night. That I thankfully remembered in the car on my way to work. That I've already written on my hand in ink so I won't forget again.

So cake and icecream tonight, (with just family and one of Gabi's good neighbor friends) and Disneyland on Saturday.

Oh, and you might have noticed how I keep mentioning Disneyland, and not ear piercing? Gabi has decided to wait until she's a little bit older for that rite of passage. Or at least until we go to Brasil again and she sees all of her little cousins sporting jewelry in their ears.

I'm kind of relieved about not having to deal with open flesh wounds, but the alternative sends me out to walk all day under the blazing sun, fighting for pictures with giant stuffed animals. Gabi's so darn excited, though, that I can't help but be a little excited myself.

Maybe it will be fun! Maybe this time I won't get sick on the teacups!


  1. Good luck! I had a blast on my last trip to Disneyland, but that was in early 2005 when California was having an unusual rainy season and it wasn't particularly hot. But I don't do teacups or anything else "spinney" - ugh, I would definitely be sick!

  2. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 4th Gabi from a certain Little Imp who shares something in common with you (I'll email your mummy and tell her!)...Hope you have a great day and enjoy your trip to Disneyland!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! There turns out to be quite a few "losers" around. I'm in good company, it seems! Here's to hoping I don't ever have to replace this phone. With my track record of forgetting I even have it, I don't think it will be much of a problem.

  4. Happy 4th Birthday little lady! I hope you have a great day - and an even better time celebrating at Disneyland this weekend!

    4 is such a great age...

  5. I LOVE 4! I bet you will love having a little girl four years of age. Don't worry about remembering those stats, it's so not important in the long run.

  6. Oh what fun! Four is such an entertaining age :)
    Good luck braving the insanity that is a theme park this weekend! I'm sure she'll love it.

  7. happy, happy birthday to your sweet girl :)

    can i just say how much i love that strawberry shortcake is back? she's a lucky little girl :)

  8. Happy Birthday - four is such an "interesting" age (it's proving to be here, anyway!)!!! I hope she had a great day and how nice she decided to hold off the ear piercing a bit longer :-)

  9. Happy birthday sweets!

    We fought the ear peircing too until M was almost 5 and she had asked for about 3 months solid. Then we gave in.

    Oh the Teacups make me sick too. Glad I am not the only one! Have a wonderful time!

  10. Happy Birthday to Gabi! (Sorry, I'm a couple of days late!)

    I wish her the best! :)

  11. Happy Birthday to my favorite little girl - from her favorite bride (recall that I helped her scoop up all those flower petals so really there should be no competition for favorite bride...)

  12. How wonderful - Four was such a great age for Sam - Three was the most challenging, so when four came along we were ready for a fun year! Enjoy Disney.

  13. Happy Birthday to my fellow birthday girl! You never mentioned it was Gilberto's birthday also. I knew his birthday celebration would fall by the wayside with Gabi's being on the same day. I appreciate you calling yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday also. Kusi dragged me out to the bar last night for my birthday beer. I was good and had only 2 beers. Tell Gilberto and Gabi I say happy birthday to my fellow July 9thers! Can't wait to see you all at Thanksgiving!

  14. just imagine what she will want to have pierced at 14. enjoy the simplicity of four and tell her when she comes to stay with me she can pierce whatever she wants. mention hair dye as well. It hurts me to think about my family at disneyland. but i love the gabster so whatever. though i hurt for you a bit. 5 dollar bottles of water and standing in line with a four year on a hot july day. whooohooo. braver than I.

  15. Yeah, we skipped the tea cups when we went to Disney. Spinning round and round is not for me. Blah!!!!

    I'm relieved you won't have to deal with the ear piercing...or trying to find somewhere at Disneyland to get her ears pierced!!! haha! I think I commented on that post awhile back and I just saw that rerun of Jon and Kate the other day...I was hoping my 4 year old wouldn't get any ideas! :)

    Have a blast at Disney!!!

  16. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! And Disney beats ear piercing in my book.

  17. Hilariously enough, we JUST got Samantha's birth certificate in the mail and they put the wrong time on it!!! It says 3:25 p.m. instead of 6:25 p.m.! Go figure.

    I actually did think of Gabi on her's on our calendar. Happy belated birthday, Gabi!


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