Thursday, August 28, 2008

They Never Stop EATING, And It's So Unfair

I eat 14 calories and immediately gain a pound. It's like I have to run and eat at the same time just to break halfway even (and, no, that doesn't happen, which is why I'm so squishy).

Gilberto eats 14 HUNDRED calories, and then needs another 800 just so he doesn't collapse from malnourishment. He doesn't need to run. Or even walk. He just needs to breath to burn off all those calories.

Gabi obviously takes after her dad. Which is a gift from God, really. I wouldn't wish my metabolism on anybody.

With that said, I'm a wee bit jealous of the dynamic duo and what they can pack down.

Here is what Gabi ate from the time I got home from work yesterday until she went to bed at 10:00.

3:30 Crackers with hummus

3:45 Bowl of cut up strawberries and blueberries

4:30 Two cheddarwursts with ketchup

5:30 Two pieces of lasagna, two giant mounds of green beans and one piece of garlic bread

7:00 A fruit bar and fishy crackers

8:15 Plate of chicken salad (that I had made for my lunch today)

8:30 Another piece of garlic bread

8:45 Giant bowl of trail mix

9:30 Small cup of gelato, because none of the other five things she ate after dinner counted as desert, and by golly, she wanted some DESERT

She was still asking for more food when I put her to bed!

She has grown a full inch in the last few months, and by the way she's been able to PACK IT IN lately, she's not done. I'm pretty sure she eats even more than me, and still manages to stay long and lean and have endless energy. It's the perfect package.

Gilberto is exactly the same way. Though he eats way more than Gabi and I combined. I won't even tell you how much he ate for dinner last night. You would either die from jealousy or die from how much it must cost to feed him.

It's the good life for those two.

Then there's me, still chugging away on my little diet, trying with all my might to resist the APPLE. Because we all know apples go straight to your hips.


  1. My little girl has her Papa's crazy fast metabolism, too. But I understand that it can change at puberty, so I guess we'll have to keep tabs on her at that point... still a LONG way away!

    A former boss of mine told me that he had taken his son to the doctor once because he was so tired all the time. They found that the boy had grown something like 4 inches in two months (something insane, anyway) which explained the fatigue! Crazy kids.

  2. She eats like my Mackie...who doesn't sit still once all day either. That's why she needs so much food.

  3. I feel your pain, sister. And I'm still giggling about eating and running at the same time. I always like to say, "I've tried running, but the ice kept falling out of my gin and tonic." ;)

    I'm also impressed by Gabi's power-eating. I think she even outdoes Jarrah, which I didn't think was possible. That kid eats like a horse, and keeps getting skinnier, which is how I know we don't share any genes. ;) (Or jeans--get me some of those maternity ones, stat!)

    My people like to murmur lots of "thank the lords" when they meet "a good eater" like these girls. But they're not so appreciative of my skills. ;) Now why is that?

  4. You crack me up!

    But I do admit that is not fair. Just like my husband. Eats like an elephant and nada. Isabella eats just liker her daddy and nada.

    I'm impressed by her eating regime, by the way :) And everything she ate sounded so good! Crap, now I need a snack.

  5. ::sigh:: I feel your pain. I just watched my daughter eat a whole truckload of food and she's still soooo very tiny. I'd hate her if she wasn't mine.

  6. You have my sympathy. I've been biking like my life depended on it and you know how much weight I've lost? Zero pounds. Yup, that's right, nothing!


  7. Is it wrong to be jealous of a child? I think I gained weight just reading what she ate. I have never had that kind of metabolism.
    Good luck resisting those evil apples!

  8. i don't blame the girl - i can't go to bed without my desert either :)

    although it sounds like pretty soon both of them will be eating you out of house and home!!

  9. that stinks for you! what a bummer! i have a pretty slow metabolism... and i haven't had kids yet... so we'll see what happens there.

    hopefully gabi will keep that metabolism as she gets older and won't have to deal with what you do (or most of america for that matter!)

  10. Good for her. I wish I could eat like that, too.

  11. eat the apple.......see what happens

  12. I am jealous! I so wish I could eat like that.

  13. The fact that you called yourself squishy makes me love you. :)

    I, at one moth postpartum, nearly lopped my husband's head off because he told me (SO THE WRONG PERSON TO BE TELLING THIS TO) that he was hoping to gain 10 pounds this year. But didn't think he'd be able to. Oh, he was so disappointed..

    It was bad, very bad. He'll never do that again...


  14. Yep, my husband is 6'5" and my boys are both in the 90% and skinny, though my husband prefers 'trim'.

    It will so suck when I'm paying for groceries for 2 high school boys and their dad~

  15. Hey! Found you over at I only have one reaction to your recent post: Soooooooo unfair! I used to have this metabolism. I didn't even know how good I had it. Then I turned 30 and I kid you not, eating and enjoying it has been downhill ever since. I keep thinking things will go back to the way they were, but 8 years later, it is worse. AHHHHHH! I feel every sweat drop I create while walking/running, and yet don't seem to see those pounds falling off as fast anymore. What is happening????

  16. I was that way...then I had kids. SO unfair!

  17. Wow... that's a heck of a lot of food for an adult, let alone a kid to eat!

    I'm jealous. As a foodie, I just can't say no... and as time moves on, my hips and thighs just aren't the same as they once were.

    Big sigh. Very jealous!

  18. Wow, that's a lot to eat. My kids haven't really started eating a lot. They are more like grazers, they eat just a little bit all day long. I imagine my son though will be a lot like his dad. he's built just like him. Not looking forward to the day when he starts eating like him. That could get costly!

  19. Aren't you jealous? I am so jealous. That looked like a delicious day!

  20. Truer words have not been spoken.
    I love food.
    I cook food.
    I eat food.
    Then I wear it for the next 15 years.
    And then there are THOSE people.
    It simply is not fair.

  21. most active little kids can eat and eat and eat and still want to eat more...they just burn it all off being --kids! i've got a 3 year-old that is ALWAYS hungry (or in his words, "mom, i'm hungry again!")
    i am of your type: eat, gain weight. i hate it. i wish, wish, wish that i could be like michael phelps and be able to eat a million calories a day and not be able to break 200 pounds...what would that really be like, i wonder?
    just wanted to stop and thank you for stopping by my place today from BATW, it was great to see you!

  22. I understand your "pain", Laural! :(

    When I was over there during the winter, Kyle and my roomate Marcel, would eat the whole world and I joined them that is why I put on 15 pounts. That, thanks to God and Weight watchers, I'm already losing!


  23. my oldest monkey ( D) is a bottomless pit, he would eat all day, and it doesn't matter what you put in front of him. He is a tall, lean boy... but very solid!!

  24. My youngest is at the 90% for weight and although she is not considered overweight, they think of her as "at risk". Her mother sells chocolate!!! Of course she is "at risk". I just hope her dad's metobolism kicks in pretty soon!! She is eating us out of house and home and it has got to go somewhere.

  25. Oh it is dreadful, I know. All my children eat ALL day and are as thin as rakes. But I guess that is the fun of being a kid.

    I have been trying for ages to lose the extra kilos... I'm just not very disciplined (she says as she sips her wine).

  26. My son is the same way. Some days I have no idea where it all goes. He definitely eats more than me. I can tell when he's having a growth spurt because his fingernails grow really quickly.


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