Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alaska Blogger List

When I mentioned on Twitter that I had a list of Alaska bloggers against Sarah Palin, several people asked for the list. I figured this was the easiest way to get it out to them and anyone else who is interested.

Here you go:

Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis
Progressive Alaska
Dennis Zaki Blog – AlaskaReport
Andrew Halcro
Shannyn Moore: Just a Girl From Homer
The Immoral Minority
An Alaskan Abroad
I Eat Gravel
Alaska Real

The following bloggers aren't based in Alaska, but they both have an amazing wealth of information on Palin.

Mostly Gray
Pam’s House Blend
Seattle Speak


  1. I have a correction to make.

    My blog is "Mostly Gray" and, though I'm not a fan of Palin, I'm also not Alaskan. I'm from Minnesota.

    I appreciate the link though!

  2. I read this yesterday and found it very insightful ...

  3. The guy at Mostly Gray is quite the writer!

  4. I am not Alaskan but I am also NOT a Palin fan. At.All.

    check this blog out too...

    (oh and I used to live in SD ;) )

  5. Thanks for posting! Can't wait to peruse the links...

  6. I am from Alaska, and I am a Palin fan.

  7. Eskimo Pie-
    What would be interesting is to hear your opinion on the bloggers I listed, and what they have to say, since that was what the post was about. I'd love to hear a first hand account from a Palin fan on the issues being addressed online.

  8. Oh, I am looking forward to checking these out. I find her frightening.

  9. Wasilla blogger, Sherry Whitstine, who chronicles the governor’s career with an astringent eye, answered her phone to hear an assistant to the governor on the line, she said.

    “You should be ashamed!” Ivy Frye, the assistant, told her. “Stop blogging. Stop blogging right now!”


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