Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gabi Said

Gabi: Mommy, do you want to see my blog?

Me: Yes! I'd love to!

Gabi: Hold on, I have to plug it in.

She placed her pretend computer on her lap, plugged it in, and opened up the lid.

Gabi: Let me show you the funny part first. It's a clown!

Me: I see!

Gabi: Want to see a video? It's long. It's Dora, she's a mermaid. But don't touch my buttons, I will press them for you. You aren't allowed to touch my blog.

That little stinker has been paying closer attention than I thought she was!


Gabi: Mommy, why did Jesus name our country the United States of America?

I think we need to work on the separation of Church and State.


We went to a birthday party and pretty soon Gabi had to use the bathroom, where the hosts had lit a fragrance candle.

Gabi: It smells like God in here!

I guess God smells like Raspberry Vanilla.


  1. Love all her little comments.

    Abby knows all about my blog pick up on everything don't they?

  2. At least pretending to blog wont lead to carcinogenic behaviors later. also if there is a god im pretty sure he smells like rich white folks. just sayin'.

  3. That is so cute! Avery will not pose or smile for pictures, b/c she knows that I will put them on my blog, and if I put them on my blog, then I will be sitting at my computer for hours on end, going through reader, checking my comments, emailing my commenters back and the like. It is her three year old rebellion at work.

  4. That is too much! When my daughter was about 9 months old, my husband gave her her own keyboard and mouse (all small parts removed). She still plays with her "computer" all the time. Except she things the purpose of the mouse is to hit the keyboard. Loudly.

  5. Don't you wish you could have them on video when they do and say those things?
    She is ADORABLE!

  6. That is so cute. My boys are keeping track of who gets more stories on the blog, I wonder if that is why they are acting up so much....

  7. tee hee

    thanks for the giggles gabi :)

  8. Ella recently has started using my scripts on her sister: Saying "I know, I know" when she is crying and I can't get to her right away, or telling her "Oh baby, we don't hit in our family, here gentle hands" when she gets smacked in the face. The embarrassing ones are when she says "Just a minute, I just need to do onnneee more things, now shhhh" or "Time out missy, I can't deal with you right now!" Oops.

  9. LMAO! Gabi is a gold-mine of comedy! Seriously, are there any funny kids out there?

  10. I'm howling over the God comment. I think I'm going to use that one myself. ;)

    And Jarrah talks about her blog, too! The first time totally freaked me out, almost a year ago. She was sitting in her car seat and suddenly said "I wrote about this in my blog." The funny thing is, I don't think she really knows that it has anything to do with the computer! But I guess there will be a whole generation of kids now who say "blog" as their first word. ;)

  11. Dang it she's cute!!

    Mama-would you mind coming over here and training my son not to touch my damn computer! He is apparently not listening as well as the Gabster!

  12. Hahaha what is it with Jesus and America? My daughter asked me once if American was given the Statue of Liberty because Jesus died?
    Kids! ;)

  13. Those are hilarious! Love her interpretation of your blogging! My boys often pretend they're checking their "Me-Mail". Monkey see- monkey do. lol

  14. Out of the mouths of babes. I was going to tell you to write it down, but you did!!! Love it.

  15. Hysterical! Absolutely hysterical!

    I love that God smells like Raspberry and Vanilla...of course, in my mind he smells like orange and cloves...

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and sharing some love!

  16. Oh my gooodness, that is SOOOOO adorable!!! I love that...God smells like raspberry vanilla!

    Oh and I just know that when my little one is old enough to talk she's going to want her own blog, too! lol

    Love your blog...just found it on SITS. :-)


  17. She sounds like so much fun! My son's just getting to the saying cute things age.

  18. Priceless! I love the, "it smells like God" comment.
    My son knows that I have posted certain things about him on my blog and he is always asking to see those posts.

  19. Those are great! I love it when they throw our own material at us:-)

  20. how adorable was that last statement... " it smells like God in here"! She sounds like tons of fun!!

  21. That is so ironic you posted this! My son told me this week (and I blogged it) that he saw Jesus. I asked what he looked like and he told me 'He wears a brown shirt'. LOL...
    She's adorable! Thanks for stopping by via BATW!!!

  22. Lol -- how cute!!! Good to know what God smells like!

  23. Mmh! Raspberry Vanilla. I bet she's right.

  24. mommy blogger in training- how cute!

    And I could think of worse things God could smell like. :)

  25. Nice to know God smells like something I can stomach, and not patchouli! Otherwise, I would have had to seriously consider *cough* alternative afterlife accommodations. *lol*

  26. She is too funny!
    MH will randomly say to people "Mommy Learns to Blog" and giggle.
    She knows I have a blog, and that a lot of it is about her, but I think she just likes to say the name.
    Oh, and Dora Saves the Mermaid?
    On DVD in our car and now thanks to the wonderful world of DVR, right here in my bedroom.
    She. knows. every. line.

    In fact, last week she put on a pair of Dora underwear that have huge strawberries on them. I laughed my ass off (seriously, what an unfair phrase, if only we COULD, in fact, laugh our asses off I'd be one skinny chick!) as she trotted around singing "Dora saves the fruit!"

    Out of the mouths of babes . . .

    I think MH and Gabi would be great real-life friends.

    And I am WAY more normal than Amanda's family!


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