Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Already Quite The Day

I've been in a bit of a frump lately.

I think someone out there sent me some Get Over Yourself vibes, and a helluva day ensued.

First, I was admiring my new shoes as I walked down the hallway and, BAM, crashed right into someone. It was the kind of crash where you both stand there a bit shell shocked and are still not completely recovered as you stagger away from each other. Oh, and it was a guy, that much I know, but I can't remember WHO. Before the crash I was looking down, and after the crash I never really looked up!

I got all the way back to my desk before thinking, duh, I had been on my way somewhere before the crash, so maybe I should go back to the original plan and head back there. Then I stood at my desk for the longest time trying to remember where the heck I'd been going, without any success.

My big comfy office chair won that round.

(The chair is one of those $800 fancy ergonomic babies. I stole it from the Executive conference room when I was pregnant. I still think it was one of the best things I ever accomplished work wise).

Oh, and here are the shoes! Aren't they cute? Target for $20. It's shoes like this that let me get away with wearing comfy cotton pants (but no elastic waistbands- I haven't progressed to that level of comfort yet, thank you very much).

A few hours later I went to our company meeting with cheese from my omelette stuck in my hair. It had been like that for a good two hours, so the cheese was hardened and hell to get out. AND it had bits of egg in it. I had to sit down in my company's auditorium and try to discreetly rub out dried egg and cheese from my hair, and then HOLD the mess in my hand for over an hour.

That actually had me a little pissy. How many people had seen me before that and not said a word? I mean, it's hard to miss when someone has CHEESE smeared in their hair! Give the girl a hand and TELL HER!

Then after the meeting as we were all heading back to our offices, I tripped walking up the stairs, a mass of people coming up behind me. It was at the last step before the next floor, so instead of having some stairs in front of me to catch my fall, I went floundering forward, legs kicking out behind me for several steps (kind of like a Russian dance, but from the back?) before biting it.

And like the neurotic person that I am, I wasn't worried about if I'd hurt myself. Nooooo. My immediate thought as I picked myself off the ground was how many people had gotten a good look at my butt (which I like to keep well hidden).

To top it all off (oh, yes, there's a topper), someone came up behind me in the kitchen when I was deep in thought, touched my shoulder, and made me scream. A loud, long, blood curdling scream that I reserve for when I'm being attacked by spiders.

(I've been attacked by spiders TWICE).

People came running from all over the floor to find out what on earth was going down in the kitchen! When I get embarrassed like that, I laugh. So everyone heard a scream, but found a hysterically laughing me trying to hold my legs together so as not to pee on myself. And the person who had touched me on the shoulder? Totally shocked by my behavior. And he fled.

Anyway, the day's activities DID put me back into a blogging mood. How could I NOT share all of this with you! There'll probably be more after I head home, as is the usual case with exciting days like this. It just doesn't let up until your head hits the pillow.

As for the frump, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. And there will be a contest to go with it.

I had to write that and put it out there to get the ball rolling or I'd have it on the back burner forever.

Until tomorrow!


  1. what a crappy day! i really hope that someone would tell me about the cheese too:)

    I hope things get better soon!!

  2. That made me laugh a little. Sorry. But it was just the way you told the story. Sorry about your whole ordeal of a day. I hope you have a much better one tomorrow. ((hugs)) And for what it's worth, I'd have told you about the egg. Geez. Some people. Cute shoes. ;)

  3. for the record i totally would have told you about the cheese. and i might have helped you get it out :)

    sorry bout the crap-o day...but it sure did make me giggle!! hoping tomorrow is better :)

    and yes the shoes are super cute!

  4. I am sooo sorry to hear that your day went so horribly. But I have to confess you made me laugh a little. Ok. A lot. My kids were giving me weird looks when I read the part about your backwards Russian dance.
    I really hope tomorrow is better!

  5. See this is why I always tell women when they have lipstick on their teeth--it's better to get it taken care of than walk around like a goof---I can't believe someone didn't tell you.
    Hope this night is better :)

  6. How funny. But a crap day as well.

    I can't believe it when people fail to tell about left over food disasters. Mine concern is always sometime stuck in my front teeth.

  7. I hope your intention was to make all of us laugh with you at your unbelievably bad day. Because shamefully I laughed...hard!
    What is wrong with people that they don't spare others from more embarrassment by telling them when there is some kind of glaring problem like cheese in their hair.
    I have totally done that "off in Neverland" when someone touches you scream. But, attacked by worst nightmare!

  8. Okay, first let me tell you how sorry I am about your bad day! But you were right and made for an awesome post :)

    Second, I love your new shoes! Maybe instead of anyone looking at your booty when you fell they thought, "Wow! I LOVE her shoes!" and they never saw you fall up the stairs?

    Third (and please forgive me...) I was laughing so hard when reading this. Not about what happened, but more of how you told the story of your day. You are such a good writer and sooo funny! Leo had to ask me across the house what was so funny....

  9. But KUDOS to you for laughing at yourself at the end of that day! Now tomorrow can be the BEST DAY EVAH since you got today out of the way. See how I can be all annouying and optimistic? You love it, don't lie.

  10. Wow!! That is a monumentally bad day!! Yikes!!

  11. OMG that totally sounds like a day I'd have, especially the scream. For the past several months I have been super-easy to startle and I usually end up scaring the bejeezuz out of whoever the poor soul was that was trying to get my attention.

    Here's to better days. And in the event all else fails, there is always wine at the end of the day!

  12. Oh man, cheese in your hair? I can't wait to see the contest!

  13. That sounds like a really craptastic day! Keep finding the humor.

  14. OH...I'm so sorry...that was indeed a icky day!

  15. Oh you poor thing. I hope today is better!

  16. So sorry about your day, but THANK you SO much for telling about it. It made me laugh and I really needed a laugh having not so good a day myself. I would have told you about the cheese. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  17. Whenever I'm spending a lovely day with friends and find myself peering in the mirror at 6 p.m. only to see a big wedge of spinach between my teeth, I think to myself, "And you were thinking, perhaps, that I WANTED that there? That it was part of my outfit?"

  18. lol. Your agony is my reading pleasure. :) (See, there's an upside.) Brieele has those shoes- she has 'em on in her first day of school pic on my blog. Oh, wait, I think I only posted the close-up. And Gianna has the pair with the pump heels. They are too cute!

  19. Oh my - what a day. I am sending good vibes your way for a better day on Wednesday!!

  20. Oh my! what a crazy day. I love those shoes, I almost bought them the other day...

  21. Love the shoes, and I totally love the story about you stealing the chair being the best thing you have done at work!

    So sorry about the cheese, I too would have mentioned it! Good grief!

    The blood curling scream in the kitchen had me on the floor laughing. I do the exact same thing. People really should know better than to scare the crap out of someone when they are not expecting it! Seriously!!

    Great post, sorry about the crummy day, and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. :)

  22. How about a great day today! :) Voodo Happy dance :)))

  23. This totally had me cracking up! (Sorry!)

    Hopefully today was better.

    Cute shoes, by the way!

  24. big pet peeve of mine, when people DON'T tell you about food on your face (or hair in your case). It's just so wrong.

    and stinky, cheese in your hair is stinky.

    LOVE the shoe too~

  25. Oh man, that was a rotten day! I am late reading it, so I hope today was a lot better for you!!

    {{{{ hugs }}}}

  26. haha i totally would have "dropped" the cheese mess if there was any way to do it discreetly...

    and i LOVE those shoes! in fact, i was just looking at them the other day. but i have a priority list for shoes right now. that sounds really pathetic, but before i get any more cute casual ones i need to get some shoes fall shoes that i can wear with socks and all the time. all i have is sneakers! I think i went on a rampage last year when i was cleaning and accidentally got rid of all my good fall shoes... oh well.

  27. You are a brave woman. I can never bring myself to share that kind of stuff. I think, deep down, that I believe that if I don't think about it anymore, it didn't really happen.

    Please tell me that works...

  28. Yup...definitely a crappy day.

    Makes for an awesome blog post though, doesn't it? :-)

    Hope tomorrow's happy!

  29. Oh honey, that sounds like a GOOD day for me. I once walked from my car through the parking garage, across the breezeway, into the huge foyer, down two hallways and through countless cubicles without anyone telling me that my wrap-around skirt was no longer wrapped around.

    And yet, still, a good day for me.

    Sad? Yes. But such is life.

  30. That was quite a day, but it did make for a funny post. At least something good came out of all those mishaps.


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