Monday, December 1, 2008

Favorite Food Swap

A few weeks ago I read that Elaine at The Miss Elaine-ous Life was on her last box of Trader Joe's Ohs (a truly divine cookie that she picked up while on a trip, because she doesn't have a TJs where she lives) and realized what cruel and unusual punishment it would be for her to run out. So I offered to send her a few boxes, and she in turn offered to send me some local Texan BBQ Sauce and Salsa.

Um, YEAH! More than okay with me! And look at the two gorgeous jars that she sent. They were both amazing (good things like this don't last long around my house).

Not only was it fun to send her a new supply of a snack that's near and dear to my heart, it was so cool to get and try something from her corner of the world that I otherwise never would've been able to try! We were two very VERY happy campers.

And thus the idea for co-hosting a Favorite Food Swap was born!

We would love for you to participate!

The Favorite Food Swap is an opportunity for you to share one of your favorite snacks or regional delicacies! The spending cap is $15 (though you can spend much less).

You can enter through either blog (here's Elaine's). We will combine entries and match you up with someone in a different region. Then you will come back to whichever blog you entered on and hook up to Mr. Linky so you can share what you received!

Here are the requirements:

1) Enter by December 6
2) Mail by December 17
3) Write a post about the goodies you get
4) Hook post up to Mr. Linky on the blog you entered

To enter, just email one of the co-hosts with your name and address (my email is Lauraloutloud at yahoo dot com)! We'll have everyone matched by December 8th.

I know there's not much time, since you only have a week to enter, and then a week and a half to get and send your favorite item, but we thought it'd be a great addition to all the Holiday cheer out there this time of year. And you're already heading to the post office to mail boxes- why not throw in one more for a bloggy friend?

We would also be so appreciative if you could spread the word. The more entries we have, the better we'll be able to match people and increase the chances of them getting something they've never tried before.

Come join the fun!


  1. What a great idea!! :) I would totally join if i didn't live on the wrong side of the planet. :p

  2. What a Great Idea! I'm going to have to think on this a little bit, but I'll be sure to enter!! Hey, I'm Sharing Some Linky Love with you over at my place...please come Check. It. Out!

  3. great idea friend, but like i told elaine, i wish i lived someplace that had cool food to share.

    i will be talking with the husband tonight about moving.

    if he goes for it then i might just play :)

  4. I want to play!!! Not that OK is known for great food, but we do have some local thing, I guess it could be more regional!

    fun, fun!!

  5. I'm totally in! I have yet to do one of these swap things and I think it sounds like it would be hugely FUN!!!!

  6. Hmm...I could send olives or Moroccan spices, but by the time they got anywhere Christmas would be long gone. Guess I'll have to pass, but what a fun idea!

  7. I shot my email over to you. This is going to be so fun! I'm in!!

  8. What a great idea!! If I weren't on antibiotics, I would totally do this:-(

  9. BOO i missed it. Food and good mail are two of my favorite things. :(


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