Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Name Rejects

My sister, Zan, is crazy smart. She reads 500 page philosophy books for fun.

She's also crazy funny. I'm pretty sure the reason we were able to get over our childhood dislike of each other and become such good friends now that we're adults is because we make each other laugh. She is an expert on dry humor, black humor, wit and sarcasm. All of which are my favorites.

So it was no surprise that she sent me some of the BEST entries back when I was looking for a new blog name.

Can you tell which ones I seriously considered?

The Mammary Complex
Mamillion Complications
Eat Your Young
Nothing; It's whats for dinner
Laurella, the other white meat
Breeding; A word of caution
They can't be returned
Your momma's momma
Mommy neurotic
Mammary overdrive
Breeders anonymous
Culture momma
Awkward momma
Mother of anarchy
Fruity brain snacks
Gandhi was a poser
Kids say the most fucked up shit
Neurosis, a journey/journal
I am not drunk

Every time I read the list I laugh. My sister knows me very well and some of these are actually quite fitting! But not what I had in mind for THIS blog.

A secret blog, though, that's a different story. Not that I have one. But if I did, I'd probably pick a name from this list.

Oh, and my sister's very generous. She said to make sure you all knew that you are welcome to use any of her suggestions if one grabs your fancy!


  1. Ok, your sister needs to start a blog--or does she have one? Because I'd love to read it!

  2. I love
    Eat Your Young,
    Breeding; A word of caution.

    Sisters are fabulous.

  3. I love They Can't Be Returned and I'm not drunk! Too funny.

  4. How about
    They Can't Be Returned; Eat your young because Kids say the most Fucked up shit.. I am NOT drunk...

    It sound like something from my daydream mommyverse.

    Where is your sister, can I have her? I got stuck with freaking brothers!!

  5. LOL. I'm not drunk. Oh wait, we're talking about YOU, not me. Because, you know... I AM drunk. ;)

  6. Lol!! I love them all!

    She sounds hilarious...does she have a blog, too??

  7. These names are all awesomely hilarious. :)

  8. I think in honor of your sister these should all be post titles in the near future.. :D
    at least Brainy Fruit Snacks! or Fruity Brain Snacks.. which was it again?????

  9. i sooo wish i had a sister :)

    and the secret blog - seriously considering getting myself one of those!

  10. She seems very funny! I had a good laugh reading this list!!

  11. She needs a blog if she doesn't have one--I am NOT drunk, seriously ;)

  12. OK, my total favorite:
    "Nothing; It's whats for dinner"


  13. I love "Nothing; It's whats for dinner" and "I am not drunk." Your sister has a great talent for naming blogs!! These are hilarious! :)

  14. Your sister definitely needs a blog.


  15. Many of those make me want to change my title! lol

  16. Awkward momma. . .Ghandi was a poser. . . I don't know why those are funny to me!

    Funky brain farts is how I first read fruity brain snacks ;)

  17. I'm not sure which is my favorit:

    Nothing, its what's for dinner
    Eat your young
    Kids say the most Fucked up shit

    Those three are kinda a tie for me.

  18. I love every single one of them, she is brillant.

    I kinda/sort of wish that you used some of them. Not that I don't love LOL, but I would laugh every time I clicked on your blog...

  19. "Breeding: A Word of Caution"

    Amen, sister!!!

    I had a girlfriend over last night
    (unmarried) who is terrified of getting pregnant and actually going through childbirth. I had to edit VERY CAREFULLY the stories that I told her. ;-)

  20. Oh! I can't stop laughing. I love "Nothing: It's whats for dinner"

  21. Oh, she should've won a prize. Those are awesome entries!

  22. Seriously, does she have a blog? She is hysterical!!! My fav is "They can't be returned" This one made me LOL!!!

  23. who knew slamming on gandhi and children would be such a winner?!
    oh sweet validation.

  24. hahahahahhaah
    Hilarious! I love "EAT YOUR YOUNG" that would have been good too!

    She does have a criativity! I guess it's a family thing! :)

  25. Mother of Anarchy

    LOVE it!

    (what does that say about me???!!?!)

  26. Build some posts around the rejects!

    Sisters are a good thing aren't they?

  27. Nothing: It's what's for dinner! That is TOTALLY me. I read this just after my husband called me to ask what was for dinner and I replied, "I don't know, your guess is as good as mine!!"

  28. That is hysterical!!

    Loving lots of those names for my secret blog too!! :)

  29. OK I've got dibs on "Nothing; It's What's for Dinner!" LMAO...that had me laughing out loud for about ten minutes!

    Your sister sounds like a lot of fun! Hell, so do you!

    If I'm ever back home in So Cal visiting, we deffo have to get together for a Starbucks run!

  30. Finally! Another person who thinks Gandhi was overrated.

    I thought I might be alone.

    Good to know.

    p.s. Just kidding Gandhi.

  31. seems you both inherited the witty gene. Too funny.

  32. I wonder how many hits a day I'd get if my blog title were "I Am Not a Drunk"?

  33. i love all of these, hilarious!!! who thinks of this stuff, i am so boring and not creative in that way!!

  34. So. Funny!

    I would totally pick Eat Your Young.

  35. I prefer: I am not drunk.

    They will never know if you are or you aren't. The epitome of blogging fun.


  36. these are SO funny! i was trying to pick which one i would have used... but as i kept reading i realized i would NOT have been able to pick. that musta been HARD! you had so many good ones!

  37. I love your sister. She's hilarious. ;) Nothing... it's whats for dinner. Too much!

  38. okay, wonderful as this post is, I'm getting bored with it! LOL, I miss new stuff!!!

    Oh, I left you an award at my place, if you are interested.

  39. Nothing: It's what for dinner. I think that's my new motto.


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