Friday, April 3, 2009

If Exercise Is So Great, Why Does It Hurt So Much?

My muscles finally gave out on me in Costco. I knew it would be coming, but I thought I had a little bit more time. I slumped against the cart, holding myself up by the handlebar, and begged God for just a little more strength. Just enough to get through my shopping trip and back home.

Because I'm pretty sure if you fall in Costco and can't get back up again, they would insist on calling an ambulance. I could see myself trying to explain the situation to the EMT as I was being wheeled out on a stretcher.

EMT: Ma'am, do you know what happened? Anything you tell us could be helpful.

Me: Um, well, actually, it's pretty simple? I was just at the gym? And I had my first workout with a personal trainer? And now my muscles won't work?

(I tend to turn statements into questions when I'm embarrassed.)

Thankfully, God heard my prayer, or saw the ambulance scenario running through my mind and decided to spare me, and I was able to keep going.

Six hours later, the shock to my system has worn off and I'm starting to experience some serious pain. I'm trying to tell myself it's GOOD pain. Like, oh, yeah, it's hurts so GOOD. But I'm a wimp, and it's bad!

There is only one other time I've felt like this. Our plane arrived at JFK late and we only had five minutes to get to another terminal for our international connection, no time to wait for the stroller to unload. Gilberto took off running so he could hold the gate, and left me with our four carry-ons and a two year old. I ran as fast as I could, and about half way there started sobbing because I didn't think my legs were going to hold me up anymore. They didn't hurt, they just turned into goo.

Well, I've left the goo phase and have moved on to the not wanting to move an inch phase.

I can't believe I scheduled another appointment for Monday. My trainer knew what he was doing when he got me to the appointment book immediately after my session, before the full force of our workout hit me.

The rebel in me just can't help herself, though. My plan for pain control? An sedentary evening in front of the TV with a never ending glass of high calorie Jack and coke.

Hellooooo, Jack.


  1. Oh I KNOW the sore muscles feeling.

    Except I was at Church.

  2. THERE YOU ARE!!!! I've been looking for you.

    Stick with WILL get accustomed to the workout! Good luck.

  3. Sometimes the reward for the pain is worth all the trouble ;)

  4. Hi! We've missed you. :) Keep going with the personal trainer! It will be so worth it and you will feel so good in a couple of weeks! *smiles*


    Takes me back to the beginning! This story rings truer all the time! hahaha!

    I have missed the witty-ness that is Laural! Good luck with the gym and Monday!

  6. Oooh...I smell some fanTASTIC blog fodder coming up. ;-)

    And the running through the airport on goo legs thing...I've SO been there.

  7. Okay, I've never really understood this trainer thing. I have to PAY someone to make me feel like crap? When I can feel like crap simply from stuff I do to MYSELF? :)

    Hmmm. ;)

  8. Ha, ha! You are too funny! Glad to see you back. But seriously, keep going. It's better to keep moving and flushing the lactic acid out of the muscles. I had to force Carlos to keep moving after he nearly killed himself playing a game of soccer with a bunch of 25 year olds (he's 45) after he hadn't played in over a year.

    Or sure! Jack and coke - that could be a good flush too!

  9. Wow - look at you getting a trainer... you must be super serious about working out. I always have grand thoughts about it - yet I do nothing.

    You Go Girl!

  10. oh that sounds awful!! i am so glad you didn't have to have the whole EMT senerio at Costo, that would have been horrible!! Great work though!

  11. Yayyy!! You are back!

    I laughed so hard with this post... I looooove feeling my muscles sore, the pain, oh the pain! I love it because I believe it's a sign that it is actually working. But don't give up!! We've been out of town (in New Mexico for a wedding) and couldn't go to the gym for 4 days, we are going nuts. I miss exercising. I got to this point! Thank goodness!

    Good luck!

  12. All good things come to those who suffer. Or some such prosaic crap like that, which I read in a book...once upon a time.

    I'll take one of those Jack and Cokes...hell, just pass the coke. *lol*

  13. yay for jack :)

    such a lovely friend!

  14. If I came upon you lying prone in Costco, I would totally buy you.

    I buy everything at Costco. Nothing (or nobody) is safe.

  15. L -

    so very funny - my hamstrings felt like that last week - I could barely sit up straight in a chair and I definitely had no way of reaching down to touch my toes. I spent a good 3-4 days all curled up.

    Evil weights.

    How did your session go today?

  16. lol good for you for sticking with it!! I'm so glad you didn't pass out in Costco!

  17. See thats why I've given up exercise exactly.

  18. Sorry I have been MIA...cause I really miss your posts... you are so funny.... & good for you, working out...

    I start tomorrow..promise


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