Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carnival Of Disease

While we were in Brasil, Gabi's preschool mail slot got so full that the staff had to find somewhere else to keep it. Since the pile was tucked away in someone's office, it took until this afternoon for me to remember to ask for it.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind has heavy meaning in my life. It's why I make lists.

Anyway, the pile o' mail was just FULL of illness notices. Here's what we missed during the four weeks we were gone:

Pink Eye
Strep Throat
Head Lice
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Pink Eye (again)
Fifth Disease
Chicken Pox
The Flu

Good Lord! Talk about a cesspit. I don't know what the heck happened in San Diego over that four weeks to cause such an outbreak, but I'm ever so thankful to have missed it.

Out of all of those things, I'm especially happy to have avoided the lice and scabies. I will gladly take puke and puss over bugs any day.

Maybe it's a good thing that Gabi refused to go to preschool in Brasil. Who knows what their list of common childhood illnesses would consist of. If there's a country where creepy crawling things the size of a pen head are considered normal, it's there.


  1. I agree with you I can take puke over bugs any day. Happy you missed those!

  2. Eww, eww, eww, eww, ewwwww! I think you just added a drop to the bucket on the Home School side of my scale. Blech!

  3. Fifth Disease? How did they manage to skip First through Fourth? ;)

    Glad you slipped through the cracks. ;)

  4. Eating food off the street in Brazil suddenly seems like a tame thing to do. . . .

    It funny to see them all together like that :)

  5. Aack! I can't even imagine! Oh, I am so glad we don't get lice in UT... I was always the kid who brought them home in my hometown in CA. I am glad you didn't have to deal with this, yay for healthy kids!

  6. Oh my. Maybe you should consider trekking back to Brazil.

  7. Um....EW EW EW! Gross!

    Gracie (the dog) had fleas last was the WORST thing ever!! It was so gross!!!

  8. Ohmygosh! I am so happy you managed to survive all of that! Those poor teachers!

  9. A question for one of the commentors, Pam: How come you don't get lice in UT?

  10. Yikes!!! That place sounds like it needs to be quarantined. :P Good thing Gabi missed out on all that!

  11. Uhhhh - yeah, I'd be pretty thrilled I missed most of these illnesses too!

  12. Um... what is "Fifth disease"? Am I going to be grossed out if I Google it?!

    Talk about timing... you did pick the right time to get out of SD!

  13. Awww....Brett didn't get anything! Tons of stuff going around at M's school too, and still nothing for our family...we escaped the illness rounds!

  14. "If there's a country where creepy crawling things the size of a pen head are considered normal, it's there."

    I feel the urge to shower compulsively after reading that sentence.

    Good job on dodging all those bullets...multiple bullets at that.


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