Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I've been knee deep in spring cleaning for the last two days.

I don't deep clean very often because the OCD part of me takes over and I do things like scoot around on my butt cleaning baseboards with a toothbrush and stand on a ladder to wash the upper parts of the walls.

I also sort and organize as I go. My hall closet is now a masterpiece, and you should see the truck load of stuff that I made Gilberto haul off to Goodwill! It felt SO good to see it all go, even though I had to justify why I wanted to get rid of every single item to my pack rat of a husband. I think it physically pained him to drive the load away.

This type of approach takes time, too. So after two days, I've only just finished the downstairs. The sad part is that looking around, you can't really tell at all.

Tomorrow I start with the upstairs, though I need to speed things up. Not only do I have an out of town friend coming to stay with us starting tomorrow night who probably wouldn't enjoy spending her vacation watching me scrub furniture, I also have serious issues with spending more than three days deep cleaning my house. Three is okay, but four is a deal breaker.

That's when hiring some help comes into play. Since we don't have the money to do that now that I'm not working, I guess whatever doesn't get done tomorrow will have to wait until the fall.

Plus, I have other things to worry about. Like how Gabi has started to eat her boogers.

She has given me two reasons for why she doesn't want to stop. One, it's far more convenient to just eat them than wait for a tissue. And two, they're tasty. My logical, disgusting child.

Advice is welcome.


  1. LOL this is the second booger eating post I have read today...

    I so need to do SPring cleaning, yet here I sit..on my butt... reading blogs...sigh

  2. Umm....ahhhhh....I got nothing.

    1. Can we all use your excuse for cleaning? " I couldn't possibly clean my house, because if I vacuum the floors I'll need to dust all the toilet paper rolls in the closet."

    2. Your daughter. Eww. I mean, every kid KNOWS it, but...did she have to go and say it???! ;-)

  3. Can you come clean my house next?
    tell Gabi, what boogers are made of...dirt and dead skin that your snot keeps out of your body.
    In Japan children keep a personal hand towle as a hanke. You coud have her pick out a real nice towle or set of hankies to keep with her at all times.
    But, then again Gabi may drive you nuts when she HAS to have her hankie.

  4. We did spring cleaning last weekend. And ew.....boogers!!

  5. I have been spring cleaning off and on, isn't it wonderful! My mind just feels so much more clear when you get rid of the clutter. I cleaned out all of my junk mail from 'where i put it temporarily' amazing how much paper I had to recycle!

  6. I'm grossed out by the booger eating gig.

  7. I hate spring cleaning. I always end up with flaming sinuses. Uhhh. As for the booger eating? Huh, I have no advice ((crickets chirping)). I know, I've got nothing, how odd! lol.

  8. Lorelai comes home today for the summer. Ask me if I have my house in order and her room ready...No...I do not...far from it.

  9. UGH!!!! With allergy season in full bloom over here, Noah has recently started wiping boogers on pretty much whatever is in reach...including me. Nice, huh?

    Good luck with all the cleaning! I need to stop blogging and go do some more of that myself.

  10. LOL

    Oh girl! When you find the solution, please pass it this way! My little one pulled one out the other day, looked at me and said "moco. mmmm." and stuck it in his mouth.

    I could have vomit right then and there.

  11. 1)I know what you mean about cleaning for two days and not being able to tell. But, at least you know that your closets are neat.
    2)Speaking of logical children, my three year old, who has been fully potty trained for 4 months has decided to go in her undies instead of using the potty. When questioned about, she answered "It's easy."

  12. One of my favorite past times as a kid, booger eating - you do get over it!

  13. Emma does the same thing - she says they taste good!


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