Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just Assume That All Nasty Looks Are The Result Of Being Out Of Beano

I call it a MAJOR success when I go into Costco for one container of Cesar Salad and leave with only salad, blueberries and trail mix. I don't think I've ever gotten out of Costco for so little before!

I'm still a bit high from it, actually.

Though the 40 minutes it took me to get checked out and back to my car I could've done without.

Part of it was the sheer number of people at Costco today. Are Wednesday afternoons usually so hopping? I had to park in the boonies, wait for a cart, then push it through the masses to the back of the store while trying not to ram into anyone. (Which I almost didn't do. At least it was someone strong and stout.)

On my way back to the front I kept getting stuck behind slow moving cart pushers, people stopping to chat with each other in the middle of the aisle and pile-ups near the sample stands. I had no idea that the Three Bean Salad In A Jar was so popular! It was just NOT my day for a quick shopping run.

Even trying to divert through the clothing area didn't work. Obstacles were everywhere!

But all of my annoyance disappeared at the check out stand when the couple behind me, who tsk tsked and then gave me nasty looks because they had to push my cart forward for me, started loading the Beano onto the conveyor belt. You just can't be upset with people who need to use Beano. I mean, they probably just can't help their sourpuss faces, due to all the gassy build up.

Despite ending my trip with a chuckle, no more Costco for me on Wednesday afternoons. I've learned my lesson: any time the only parking option is the back lot, TURN AROUND and get the heck out.


  1. Poor (bubbly, bubbly, bubbly) Beano people. All that time in line they were probably looking forward to getting home and popping open their purchase... :p

  2. What is a Beano? I didn't get a lot of this post, I've never been to Costco, except for hot dog (if it's really the same store)

    But I'm glad you are back! :)

    Take care!

  3. Was it double coupon day? That may explain the crowd.

    I am praying that the Beano people get relief so they don't spread their venom anywhere else:-)

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh dear - yes, if a COSTCO sized parking lot is full...back away slowly. It's not worth the headache!

  5. Okay, that "gassy buildup" comment cracked me up. It might actually have been caused by the Three Bean Salad in a Jar. I think you've solved the mystery. (Or I have?) At any rate, Costco is always an ordeal for me. I get so exhausted pushing that giant cart! :)

  6. It is amazing that you got out of costco with so few items! And the beano, yes. . . if you need it, you just need it!

  7. Oh I forget about the trips to Costco. It's been a while. I do like them though. :)


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