Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Head Games

I saw Gabi sneaking out of the garage this afternoon, stuffing a handful of Christmas bows under her shirt.

Gabi: Hey, mom.  Guess what I have in my shirt!

Yes!  I get to play the Guessing Game!

Me: Ummm, let me see. A bike? A bike pump? A helmet? Knee pads? A wheel? A flower pot? Flowers? Hmmmm. A bowl? A plate? A spoon? A fork? A knife? A spatula?

Gabi: No! Let me just show you...

Me: A soda can? Cheese? An apple? An orange? An eggplant? How about... I know! Is it a balloon? A kitty?

Gabi: No! Geez, it's not a KITTY!

Me: Well, that's good, because eating a kitty isn't a very good thing at all! Is it a fish? A step stool? A bell? A rock? A book? Some paper? A pen? A pencil? A crayon?

Gabi: Mom, it's not ANY of those things. Now let me show you...

Me: No! Hold on! I think I can get it! Is it a present? Tape? Wrapping paper? Scissors?

Gabi: You're so close!

Me: Yay! Okay, is it a purse? A wallet? Keys?

Gabi: Mom! Oh my gosh, just look already!

Me: Oh, it's BOWS. I never would've guessed THAT.

I love messing with her head. 


  1. You are too funny. ;-)
    I hate it when people say, "Guess what?" then they actually wait for you to say, "What?"

  2. Too funny!! I do that to my kids too:-)

  3. I mess with my kids head all the time too....i love it! (so do they actually!). Your cousin, DD

  4. Ha-Ha, I do this with Wyatt when he shouts at me "your not my mommy anymore".

    I smirk a little every time ;)

  5. OMG I am soooo happy you are back! I even deleted your blog from my list because I literally thought you weren't going to write anymore (it made me sad). But I am putting it back on my favorites' list. It sounds like you had a tough time in the last year or so. I have been having a lot of pain ever since I had those hernia and appendix surgeries in Brazil. I keep going to doctors and they can't figer it out. I am just going nuts with this stupid persistent pain in my bowels. Sucks. I just want to know what it is, you know. But anyway...
    I have been writing in portuguese, it's a lot easier. But I will try to keep you posted in english... let's see:

    - you saw I got my citizenship (thank you for the comment anyway)
    - I am still struggling with school, still taking pre-requisites for the dental hygiene program, but they never seem to end.
    - Bryan and I are thinking about having kids, we are ready to be parents, but we do not want to start trying until I am done with school, which could take years;
    - Bryan lost his job also (at least 2 times in the past 2 years), we got really tight with money, but thank goodness he got another one (doesn't pay much, but it's a job!)
    - We had a couple of friend over for 2 months, she's Brazilian, her husband American, it was fun! They moved from Louisiana here and just bought a house. They stayed with us until they closed the deal. Now we have friends around... finally, took me 5 years!

    Well. I guess this is it... I will be coming back, for sure. Please, keep writing!

    We missed you!

  6. oops, fixing:
    "you saw I got my citizenship (thank you for the comment anyway)", I meant By the way! Pardon my English.


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