Saturday, July 9, 2011

Turning Seven

Today my sassy, saucy, fearless daughter turns seven.

I should have known that when I told Gabi she could have anything she wanted for breakfast, she'd pick Green Bean Casserole. I tried to sway her to something that I would like better, I mean, more breakfasty, but she was unyielding in her choice.

Unfortunately, Gabi informed me that there's this rule that you have to listen to the Birthday Girl. (I wish I'd known about this rule two months ago when it was MY birthday.)

So off to the store I went for canned green beans, fried onions and cream of disgusting soup. The funny thing is that Green Bean Casserole is Gilberto's favorite American dish, too, and today is also his birthday. They have been giddy with anticipation. To round things out, we are also having ham steaks, even though Gabi says that Green Bean Casserole is quite enough on its own. Pardon me while I puke a little.

She's also been almost unable to contain herself over the excitement of presents.  While we were on our way home from cupcake shopping yesterday, she convinced me that she should be allowed to open a Birthday Eve present, just like we do on Christmas Eve.  She then started demanding clues.

Me: Okay, one of them is something that you can carry with you.

Gabi: OH MY GOSH! You got me a ShamWow!

Me: What? Uh, noooo. Not a ShamWow. Why would I get you that?

Gabi: Is it that brownie pan that makes each piece crusty? You know, the section one?

Me: A brownie pan? You want a brownie pan? It's not a brownie pan, but even if it was, you can't carry it around with you.

Gabi: Yes you CAN. In your purse. Wait! Did you get me FUSHIGI BALLS? I've been wanting those since forever!

Me: No! I didn't get you Fushigi Balls! Keep guessing.

Gabi: A PUPPY! No? A lava lamp? You know what I would love? Those really cool hangers that are all attached in a row, and when you hang your stuff on them and fill it up, you take down one end and it hangs down in your closet!  It makes a lot more room in there.

A few nights ago I kinda forgot to put Gabi to bed. At 11:30 I ran downstairs to get her, and I think she must've been watching the As Seen on TV infomercial channel for three straight hours. It would explain her excitement about getting a ShamWow or Perfect Brownie pan.

The gift that you can carry with you? Was a Roxy wallet. She reacted properly enough, but I think she really would have preferred something that cost $19.99, and not just for one, but TWO of them. I'll have to keep that in mind for Christmas.

Gabi still hasn't woken up this morning to open the rest of her presents. Her big gift is going to the San Diego Safari Park, and we'll be heading off as soon as we're done with our Green Bean Casserole.


  1. hahahahahaa, that is hilarious! You know, I also love green been casserole. It's one of my favorite American dishes. haha

    I laughed so hard reading this dialogue between you and Gabi. Almost peed my pants.

  2. Oh by the way: Happy Birthday to Gabi and Gilberto!

  3. That's so funny! When my husband first moved to America he loved the as seen on tv stuff and there was a store in the mall that only sold that, ahh. The park sounds really cool, have a great time!

  4. Im with ya on the green bean casserole. I never liked it and don't understand how it became an "american tradition" somewhere along the way... btw my niece has fushigi balls and says they're a sham... shocker!

  5. You're so funny. And you're very brave to let Gabi choose her breakfast! Good thing her bday is only once a year.

  6. bwhahaha. all my son could talk about at Christmas time was that fushigi ball.

    happy birthday Gabi!

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. In 15 years, she'll be so glad you have this blog. ;-)

    (And ShamWow's? Are the bom diggity. I got mine at Costco. ;-))

  8. I thought everyone knew that whatever the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets. No? Get a list ready for next year.

  9. Hahaha! That's so funny! I can't believe you had to make green bean casserole for breakfast! I hope you ate a bowl of cold cereal as God intended ;) Oh, and Happy Birthday to Gabi!

  10. I hope you paired the casserole with a sweet sweet smoothie prepared in a the Smoothie Blaster 5000... I can't believe she's 7! Happy birthday to both her and Gilberto.

  11. My husband has a similar birthday rule. But it's more "the birthday person gets to do (or not do) whatever they want" rather than "all non-birthday personnel must wait on me hand and foot." So he doesn't have to change any diapers (unless I'm totally unable to, for some reason,) and he doesn't have to go to work (he takes the day off,) etc. If the kid asks for him and only him, despite me trying to placate her, he'll step in, but then, of course, he WANTS to, since he loves her... :P

  12. Happy happy birthday to the munchkin! Hope she had a good day!

  13. Belated Happy Birthday to Gabi & Gilberto. I love hearing how Gabi enjoyed every aspect of her Birthday. Trying to negotiate opening a present on Birthday eve, starting the day with Green Bean Casserole, and her enthusiasm for As Seen on TV products! Hope you had a great time at San Diego Safari Park. Savvy Seven!

  14. I love this post! It's really funny, I immediately thought she must have watched quite a bit of infomercials, LOL. Anyway, I'm following you from the Mommy Bloggers Club and I think it is curious that your name is Laural & my name is Laura, and my daughter is Gaby & your child is Gabi. Coincidence? Feel free to check my blog too:

  15. Sounds like Gabi had a terrific birthday. :)

  16. Oh, Laural! Only you can make me laugh like this!


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