Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Swear It Was The Toddler

I was woken up yesterday morning by an action figure to my cheekbone.

This guy, to be exact:

Those action figures are DENSE.  I'm thinking it was the boot, but whatever part it was, it split the skin and gave me a black undereye. 

Right after it happened it didn't look too bad:

But by the end of the day it looked like someone had walloped me a good one:

Then this morning I was woken up by Mason's head slamming into my mouth, splitting the inside of my upper lip and causing a LOT of bleeding.  I swear, that kid has the hardest head, which is good for him but bad for me.

Throughout the day it's gotten worse, and now it's a blood blistery, swollen mess.   

I was supposed to go to a Bloggers event tonight, but opted to stay home and nurse the part of ego that's attached to how I look.  And I wouldn't be much use at an event that involves talking anyway, since I've developed an odd mumble to minimize pain causing lip movement. 

We've decided that it's time for Mason to start sleeping in his own bed.  My heart hurts a little at the thought of him sleeping on his own, but my face hurts more.


  1. Poor mama. I have had many swollen lips from my kids. I hope your face feels better soon.

  2. YIKES!!!!'s probably time to get your bed back. I hope it heals quickly.

  3. WOWZA! That there is crazy! I am sorry. My son has never slept in my bed, but his crib is in our room due to lack of space. UNTIL NOW. This week we moved our daughters to their newly finished room in our newly finished basement, and my little man is getting his own room. I hate to admit it, but my heart hurts a little over that, too.

  4. Holly Cow. I hurt just by looking at the pictures!! Hope it gets better soon.

  5. Oh that definitely looks like it hurts a bit. Amazing how quickly it turned from a little bruise to downright black and blue!

    Hope your face feels better soon!

  6. I am so sorry baby. I will see you next month!!!!!!!!

  7. I had to implement a "no toys in Mommy's bed policy." She was allowed ONE soft toy at bedtime. I started offering to let her sleep with however many toys she wanted, in her OWN room. After 3 nights of offering, she took me up on it! She's been in there almost every night ever since! I've had to buy a crapton of plushies to sleep with her, but that beats waking up to a Batman action figure in the small of my back... or a poke in the eye.

  8. I gave myself a fat lip trying to raise the handlebars on my kid's bike this morning. I feel your pain--hope it heals up fast!

  9. Oh, good heavens - kick him out! hahaha Sorry about your eye. :-(

  10. I bet you will both sleep better from now on.
    Hope you heal quickly! I hear chocolate helps with that.


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