Monday, February 18, 2008

All Dressed Up

And here I thought I wasn't going to have anything to contribute to this:

Turns out I do.

About an hour ago, I noticed that I'm wearing a very sparkly shirt. I kept seeing little flashes of light coming from the area below my head, but since I hadn't worn a shirt with sparkles on it, I pushed it to the back of my mind.

Well, it wasn't my badge glinting off the florescent lights. It's glitter.

So here I am at work, wearing a shirt with glitter all over it.

And then, because I have experience with glitter fiascos, I quickly checked my face in my compact mirror. There it was. Bright blue and green glitter embedded in my cheeks.

It's just enough to be noticeable, but not enough to alert people to a mishap. I'm not the showy type, but maybe people will think I'm trying to break out of my shell and get noticed? I might even start some office conversations:

Coworker 1: Did you see Laural's shirt today? What era does she think we're in?

Coworker 2: Did you see her MAKEUP? I know the 80s are making a come-back, but glitter blush is just so wrong.

Coworker 1: Especially at work. Maybe we should turn her in to HR.

I certainly don't want to end up in HR for daring to glam it up at work! I just spent at least ten minutes wrapping tape around my fingers to create a handmade lint brush. It didn't work. The glitter is here to stay.

And where did it come from? I'm pretty sure that Gabi's Sunday School project rubbed off all over my house and car. I didn't have a chance.

Looks like another day of staying tucked away behind my desk.


  1. Chalk it up to another "You know you're a mom when..." moment!

    This reminds me of a HILARIOUS joke that I posted like a year ago here. Read it and be VERY VERY glad it's not you!!

  2. Just brilliant, made me laugh out loud. Glitter gets every where, I've found in on my face even when there's none in the house. Very odd! There must be some strange glitter fairy flying around.

  3. Found you on Bananas. Love it, but it came from Valentine's... it HAD to. I'm still seeing it everywhere over here including... just like you, on my face and in my hair.


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